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 According to the authoritative Wikipedia site, Adam Frasch’s net worth is estimated at $300,000. His wife Samira was killed in 2014, and the case made front-page news in Tallahassee, Florida. While he did not confess to the murder, his convicted murderer had a net worth of $500,000.

Personal life and marriage

He was married to Samira Frasch and has two daughters, Hyrah and Skynaah. They are divorced after Frasch’s wife reportedly cheated on him and fathered another child with another woman. He and Samira shared net worth of $1.1 million. Adam and Samira are separated.

He had several affairs during his marriage, but Samira was awarded sole custody of the children during the divorce proceedings. However, her death in 2014 is the main reason why Frasch is a recluse. Ferald Gardner, a maintenance worker, discovered her body in a swimming pool. Frasch has remained divorced since the tragedy, but he still enjoys a high net worth. His children have been named after their mother, Samira.

Controversial figure 

Adam has been imprisoned in the case of his wife’s murder. While he is serving a life sentence for murder, Adam Frasch still maintains his innocence and has been featured on multiple television shows. His trial was short and lasted just 90 minutes. Although Frasch remains imprisoned, his alleged guilty verdict was upheld, and his children began living with his brother. He has since lost his appeals against his sentence. The case has caused many to question his innocence and net worth.

In addition, Michael Frasch was not arrested for killing his wife until three months ago. After spending most of 2014 behind bars on child custody charges, he was taking the couple’s daughters to Panama City Beach on the morning of her death. Deputies arrested Frasch at the family home. He was in the process of packing up a Black Yukon and telling police he was going back to Tallahassee. Prosecutors said he was planning to flee.

Despite his enormous wealth, many are surprised by his case. Frasch’s convicted murderer claims he acted in a moment of rage. However, a DNA comparison proved otherwise. During the trial, a maintenance worker discovered the body of his wife. It is not clear whether he was a victim or a snitch. However, the case remains in court, and a verdict may be far away.

Aside from his net worth, Frasch’s lavish lifestyle has also landed him in hot water. He has numerous girlfriends and a 1.0 million-dollar house. During the time of his marriage, he spent thousands of coins on his adolescence with his new girlfriend. It is estimated that he spent nearly $600,000 on lavish parties and luxurious items. But his new wife has taken a dime a dozen times as much.

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