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Born in 1997, AJ Galante attended New Fairfield High School and played hockey in his high school. His father, Jimmy Galante, owned several different businesses and asked him to manage a hockey team. AJ’s father offered to buy the team and he was named the alternate captain of the team. The family was so proud of their son’s talents that they gave him an offer from the University of Connecticut, which he accepted.

Originally from the Bronx, he was raised in an idyllic neighbourhood. In his early years, he was a prominent philanthropist, but he eventually had to stop this activity due to controversy. Despite his success in the acting business, he has had a troubled past.


AJ Galante’s father is a successful businessman with a fortune of more than $100 million. Jimmy Galante asked his son to take over the management of the Danbury Trashers after high school. Jimmy was so impressed with his son’s abilities that he later purchased the team and became its general manager. However, he has never revealed the exact value of his net worth. However, he does have an average net worth of $1 million.


AJ Galante is a well-known hockey player with a net worth of $10 million. Born in New York, he later moved to New Fairfield, Connecticut, where he was an alternate captain on his high school’s hockey team. Despite his success in school, AJ was injured from playing hockey during his senior year. After his knee injury, his father, Jimmy, bought a new minor league hockey team, which he named the Danbury Trashers.


In 2006, AJ Galante was the supervisor of a hockey team. However, when his father was arrested, the FBI seized his team and AJ had to move to another school. He later worked as a truck driver, and eventually became a boxing trainer. His career is expected to continue as he becomes the Vice President of CT USA Boxing in 2021. The net worth of AJ Galante is estimated to be around $1 million, but it is difficult to estimate his future earnings because of the controversies surrounding his father.

Jimmy Galante is an American who built a trash collection empire in Danbury, Connecticut. He owned a minor league hockey team, the Danbury Trashers, and even owned a racecar team for Ted Christopher. Jimmy also owned the Danbury Trashers and was the director of Automated Waste Disposal, which holds contracts for waste removal in Westchester, Connecticut, and New York.

Aj Galante net worth

After spending nearly two decades in prison, Jimmy Galante received several million dollars in a settlement with the government. He also received a share of the proceeds from selling his properties. His net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2021 and could be as high as $100 million if the government hadn’t seized so much of his property. Jimmy Galante’s net worth is likely to grow even more over the years.

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