Alexander Shunnarah net worth

Early life and education 

Alexander Shunnarah was born in Birmingham, England. He graduated from the University of Birmingham School of Law in 1995. After graduation, he pursued a law degree, graduating in 1995 from the Birmingham School of Law. In 2001, he founded his law firm, Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers. He credits his father, Fred, for his success. He is active in the Church of the Highlands.



Alexander Shunnarah has worked as an attorney for nearly 20 years. He first gained fame in the United States as an injury lawyer. In 2001, he founded Alexander Shunnarah Injury Lawyers, P.C. The firm serves the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi regions.


Throughout his career, Alexander Shunnarah has earned nearly “$143” million in income. On average, US lawyers are entitled to take 2.5% of their winnings. With that amount, Shunnarah would earn $419 million per year. Considering the average payout in America is $ 1 million, this is a significant amount of money. This impressive net worth is not based solely on his earnings but also on his social media presence.

Success and popularity 

Alexander Shunnarah’s net worth has increased significantly over the past few years. Since his start, his net worth has nearly doubled. In just five years, his injury law practice has handled over a billion dollars in claims

In 2016, National Trial Lawyer Magazine named Alexander Shunnarah a “Master of Marketing.” The campaign slogan was featured on more than two thousand billboards and thousands of television advertisements. Shunnarah has a law firm in Birmingham, and he is a well-regarded personal injury attorney.


Even though most lawyers earn a small percentage of winnings, Alexander Shunnarah’s billboard empire has grown significantly in recent years. The billboard empire has even made Alexander Shunnarah an Internet celebrity. He has even made a video about his billboard empire, titled Alexander Shunnarah: The Billboard Empire. 

Married life

Shunnarah is a 1.81 m tall, 74 kg man. He is married to Lorena Shunnarah, and they live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. He and Lorena have three daughters together. As of 2019, their net worth totals $65 million.

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