Alexandra Nwadike

If you are curious about the life and career of Alexandra Nwadike, you are not alone. This woman has been a part of many lives, including the successful one as a songwriter. It’s a fact that women are no less intelligent than men, and the same is true with Alexandra Nwadike. Despite her successful career, Alexandra Nwadike is not a celebrity. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not important. There are a number of records available on the internet that may help you learn about this remarkable person.

The marriage record of NWADIKE, NWOHA HAPPINESS O, married on 11 SEP 1987 in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A. The marriage license was filed in the same state, in Brooklyn, as her birthplace. She later married OLUCHI JULIET, who was born in 1944. On the other hand, her daughter, VINCENTIA C, was born in 1977.

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