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Anil Singhvi was born in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, and completed his education in the same city. Anil belongs to the Jain community. His parents are not revealed online. As of 2022, Anil Singhvi is 57 years old. His height is 5 feet 8 inches, and he weighs 67 kg. His eyes are brown and he wears size 8 shoes.


Anil Singhvi attended the MLS University in Udaipur, India, to study After finishing his, he went on to attend the Bathinda ICSI in New Delhi. 


Since his early days, Anil has had an interest in the stock market. He decided to become a stock market journalist in 2004 and worked at CNBC Awaaz for four years. He hosted many exhibits during this time. After four years, he joined Zee Enterprise as Managing director. Anil has a huge reputation in the stock market and appears on several shows giving stock market advice. This is one of his most lucrative sources of income.

Anil Singhvi is an Indian-born TV personality who is a renowned personality in the business world. He started his career as a newscaster at CNBC Awaaz, an enterprise information channel in Delhi, and has worked at several television channels since then, including Zee Business, the national enterprise information network. He has also been the executive editor for the prestigious CNBC Awaaz, which is a sister channel of CNBC. Anil Singhvi’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.


Aside from his television career, Anil Singhvi is an avid reader of religious literature. His love for reading and religious beliefs make him a popular and revered figure in many circles. Despite his success, Anil is down to earth, with an easygoing personality and charismatic speaking. Anil Singhvi Biography reveals that he is a humble person who loves his family and his faith.


In addition to his television career, Singhvi has a successful home and family life. He has also held various positions in the business media industry. He has also received numerous awards, including the President’s Scout Award and the IBJA’s Outstanding Contribution to Business Journalism Awards. While a television personality, Anil Singhvi has also penned many books.


Anil Singhvi’s salary is about Rs. 5 lakhs per month. His net worth in Indian rupees is estimated at Rs. 7 crores as of 2021. He has a charming personality and charismatic speaking abilities, which have earned him an impressive amount of fame. Anil Singhvi’s net worth is estimated at Rs. 7 crores in India. It is unclear where his income comes from, but it is estimated to be close to Rs. 8 crores.


Anil Singhvi and his wife Nirmala Singhvi were married in Rajasthan and have two sons together. Their relationship did not reveal any details about their previous relationships. His wife is also a famous personality, and she recently celebrated her 50th birthday.


Anil Singhvi’s family is a mystery. He was born to anonymous parents. He is a Hindu, and his parents were not disclosed in his biography. His parents came from a middle-class Hindu family, and while he has not publicly stated his parents’ names, he has been fondly described as an only child of his mother and father. However, he is of Jain descent.

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