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Anna Sorokin is a Russian-German actress and fraudster who was convicted of impersonating a wealthy German heiress. Her story was made into a television miniseries, “Inventing Anna.” She was found guilty of multiple counts of fraud and sentenced to 12 years in prison, but was released early due to good behavior. She was born in Domodedovo, Russia, to a working-class family. In 2007, her family immigrated to Germany.

She started her career as a model, earning a decent net worth from modeling. Then, she branched out into real estate, becoming a successful interior designer. Now, she’s a millionaire! The net worth of Anna Sorokin is expected to grow by more than $60 million by 2021!

The actress is also a fashionista. Her stunning collection of luxury cars includes Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and Audi. The actress’s father also owns a heating and cooling business. She studied at the Central Saint Martins School of Design in London and is an avid fashion lover. But Anna Sorokin’s upbringing hasn’t been without setbacks. Her father used to be a truck driver and her mother runs a small store.

After serving her time in jail, Sorokin is currently working on a documentary for Bunim Murray Productions. She’s also writing a memoir about her time in jail. In addition, she is considering writing a podcast about her experiences. She’s also involved in the Vizaca leadership network.

In February 2021, Anna Sorokin was released from prison, but was again taken into custody for overstaying her visa in March. Upon her release, she was paid $320,000 to act in a TV adaptation of her life story. She also said she was looking for a boyfriend.

The Inventing Anna TV show is based on Anna Sorokin’s real-life story. It premiered on Netflix in February 2022. It stars Julia Garner as Anna Delvey. The show will follow the timeline of events closely, but it will blend drama and fact to make it entertaining for viewers.

While Anna has no known net worth, her life story is being filmed by Netflix. Netflix paid $320,000 to purchase the rights to her story. She also paid an attorney’s fee and settled state fines with banks. She has about $22,000 left over after expenses. If she can make it big in the Netflix series, her net worth will be around $200,000.

Anna Sorokin has been convicted of various crimes, including grand larceny and money laundering. She has served more than 12 years in prison. The judge ruled her guilty of all but one count. After good behavior, she was released in February 2021. However, she was again arrested in September 2021 under the custody of the ICE. In 2021, Anna Sorokin will earn around $5 million.

In her early years, Anna Delvey was fascinated by modeling. She was a fan of Vogue and other magazines. She then studied in London, but dropped out soon. After graduation, she moved to Paris, where she launched her modeling career under the name “Anna Delvey.” She began participating in numerous fashion weeks and ceremonies in Paris. She eventually moved to New York because the city was easier to access and less expensive than Paris.

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