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Arlene Silver is an American makeup artist, and her net worth is estimated at $1 million or more. Arlene grew up in the Bronx and attended college in California. She married her longtime partner, Dick Van Dyke, in 2012. The couple is the second and third couple in their family.

Arlene Silver was born on September 21, 1971 in New York City. She is a Virgo and has a net worth of $1 million. Arlene Silver’s height is unknown. She also keeps her personal life private. She does not talk about her marital status or her divorce. Arlene Silver is a member of the Richest Celebrities and Their Families list.

Arlene Silver’s parents divorced a long time ago, and she grew up with her mother Mary Stout. Her mother worked at a City National Bank in Los Angeles. Michael Stout, who was 79 years old at the time of his death, died in Jan 2014. Her mother, Mary, died in 2021 at the age of 77. She recently shared on her Instagram that her mother was a “strong and kind angel.”

After college, Arlene Silver began her career as a makeup artist. She also worked on several films, including the flop film Carolina. Eventually, she moved to California and began working as a makeup artist. Arlene Silver has a large social media following on Twitter and Instagram. She also has a presence on Facebook.

Arlene Silver is married to actor Dick Van Dyke, who is also a makeup artist. They celebrate Christmas together. Arlene has many fans and followers on Facebook, and she has a YouTube channel with over a million views. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle and enjoys spending time with her family.

Arlene Silver’s net worth is estimated at nearly $30 million. Her income is easily predictable, but her spending is harder to predict. Her net worth is quite variable. Several factors contribute to this variable nature. Fortunately, her net worth is growing each year. She is an accomplished actress with a high-profile public profile.

Arlene also has a successful career in the field of makeup. She has worked as a makeup artist for over 10 movies and television shows. Her credits include Merry Xmas (2015), Die Laughing! (2008), Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke (2016), and The Girl Next Door. Since 2006, she has also been a makeup educator.

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