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Aswad Ayinde is a notorious sexual predator. He had a very successful career before he went to jail for child molestation. He once directed a music video for the Fugees’ 1996 hit Killing me softly. During his life, he abused many of his children and committed a number of crimes, including rape and sexual assault. Aside from being a notorious sexual predator, Aswad was also a successful music video director. His wife and children were abused by him. His rape and inbreeding brought his children to early deaths.

Ayinde has nine children from his previous marriage to Beverly. Of those, five are girls. Ayinde sexually abused all of them and is believed to have several more unnamed children from mistresses. His eldest daughter, Kibibi, has spoken out about her abuse.

Although Aswad Ayinde was a successful music video director, he has also abused his daughters. One of his daughters, Aziza Kibibi, was raped by her father when she was just eight years old. The abuse continued for more than 30 years.

Aswad Ayinde was married for many years and had nine children with his wife. Unfortunately, he also had many extramarital affairs. His wives and daughters reported him for their abuse and eventually he was caught in the mid-2000s. Eventually, Aswad Ayinde was convicted of his crimes, and his misdeeds were finally revealed. The abuser’s victims uncovered a cover-up that allowed him to continue his abusive behavior.

Although Aziza Kibibi was born with a serious genetic condition, Aswad was still able to impregnate her five times. During the time of their marriage, he did not believe in modern medicine, and he forced his wife to care for the children at home. Aziza’s father did not give her a lot of social interaction, and he also did not allow her to watch television or listen to the radio.

Ayinde was arrested and convicted of over 27 counts of child sexual abuse. He was sentenced to prison for 40 years for the first charges, which included sexually abusing his daughter Aziza Kibibi. The second charge, of rape, carried a fifty-year sentence. He is currently serving a total of ninety years.

His criminal record is so extensive that it may be difficult to determine if he’ll ever have a clean record. Several of his children have been accused of sexual abuse. Ayinde’s wife and daughter both testified in an earlier trial. Eventually, the child was removed from the family home and placed in the custody of child welfare.

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