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Brenda Gantt is a 75-year-old Christian cooking video star. She earns about $10 for every thousand views of her videos. Her followers number more than 2.5 million on Facebook. Her videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube. In addition to cooking videos, Brenda also makes news videos and publishes cookbooks.

Brenda Gantt is a former American schoolteacher who changed her career to become a chef. She became famous for a video on Facebook showing her biscuit-baking abilities and has been hosting cooking shows since. She also operates a B&B called the Cottle House in Andalusia.

Gantt’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. She has a successful bed and breakfast and manages it. She became a widow in late 2018 when her husband of five decades passed away. Gantt, 72, was born in Alabama and attended Livingston University. He served in the US Marine Corps. Gantt also took up line-dancing classes at a local senior center and performed at nursing homes.

Gantt has three daughters. One daughter is a majorette in the Andalusia marching band, while the other is a two-sport athlete for the AJHS Lady Bulldogs. Gantt also has five grandchildren. Her net worth is expected to increase in the coming years, as she plans to publish a cookbook featuring her own recipes.

Gantt has earned a lot of money through her videos. She is currently earning $10 per thousand YouTube views. Additionally, she is currently working on a cookbook with over 100 recipes, which will further increase her net worth. Her time as a grandmother is clearly paying off. She is devoutly Christian and has a strong sense of mission. Her videos have the potential to become global hits.

In addition to her videos, Brenda’s recipes are featured on her website and in her church. Her cooking videos have earned her a massive social media following. Her Facebook page has over 2.5 million fans and a five-star rating. She also runs her own restaurant, which has a steady income from selling her recipes.

Gantt also has a cookbook in the works. She plans to launch the book in 2021 to help raise funds for charity. Her plans to publish her first cookbook should greatly increase her net worth. If all goes according to plan, her cookbook will bring in millions of fans. The cookbook will help raise her earnings by the end of the decade.

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