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Brian Jung has a net worth of $201,222. He is a famous digital content creator, social media influencer, motivational speaker, and fitness enthusiast. He is known for his Youtube videos on finance, investing, and cryptocurrency. His birthday is January 22. He weighs around 225 pounds and is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He lives in an affluent apartment in Montgomery County.

Brian Jung owns 15 credit cards and uses four or five of them regularly. He earns between $3,400 and $54,900 a month from ads on YouTube. In addition, he has a Patreon account with limited spots available for monthly subscribers. He also maintains a blog.

Brian Jung earned his general studies associate’s degree from Montgomery College. This degree is a prerequisite for a career in law enforcement, and he planned to transfer to the University of Maryland to major in criminology. However, he decided to pursue his YouTube business full time. Initially, he focused on credit card reviews on YouTube. At that time, he had around 6,000 subscribers and was earning $200 to $300 a day.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Jung also invests in a range of other ventures. He has a substantial affiliate marketing business, and he also posts advertisements on his videos. He also has a stake in a Japanese restaurant that earns him approximately $5,500 per month. Overall, his income from all these activities adds up to a nine-digit yearly income.

Brian Jung’s net worth is estimated to be $128,000, as of August 2022. The sources of his income are largely YouTube advertising revenue and his various partnerships and endorsements. He also has 14 credit cards and puts $50,000 per month into various investment vehicles. The sources of his income are multiple and varied, but most of them are unspecified.

Before establishing his own YouTube channel, Jung worked as a healthcare technician for AccessAbility Medcare LLC. He then co-founded Motion Digital LLC, but the business lasted for less than a year. Later, he focused on his eponymous YouTube channel. He started uploading regularly in 2018.

Brian Jung net worth has increased in recent years, as his art has received worldwide recognition. In 2009, he was awarded the 2010 Iskowitz Prize for the visual arts. In 2010, he exhibited an artwork called Carapace in the Loire Valley, which was exhibited at the home of Jules Verne. He has credited his childhood isolation with inspiring his creativity.

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