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The Net Worth of Brian Musso is quite large. This former American football player is married to Heather Headley. They have been married for ten years. He has black hair and pale grey eyes. His parents are Johnny and Tanner Musso. He was born on September 11th and will turn 47 in 2022. He is a multi-talented athlete with several awards under his belt. Read on to find out how much he’s worth.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Brian Musso is the son of two former American football players, Tanner and Johnny. He has four siblings, including two brothers and a sister. He is married to Heather Headley, who is an actress, singer, record producer, and mother of his three children. Musso’s wife is a native of Trinidad and Tobago. Musso and Headley have been married since 2003. Their children are two sons and a daughter.


Musso has worked hard to build his career in the field of acting. He has appeared in television shows and starred in multiple roles. His net worth is largely derived from acting and singing. To be precise, Musso’s net worth is $3 million. His acting career has helped him build his net worth. He’s worked for the New York Jets, Southern University, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Johnny Musso is also a retired football player who was drafted to the NFL in the third round of the 1972 NFL draft. He played for the New Orleans Saints for six seasons. After leaving the Saints, Musso signed a five-year contract with the Chicago Bears. In 2011, he was released from the Chicago Bears and is now working as a motivational speaker. In his spare time, Musso enjoys spending time with his family and playing his favourite sport, football.

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