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Although she is not a professional model or rapper, Chinese Kitty net worth has increased rapidly since her debut on the hit show Love and Hip Hop Miami. Her net worth is estimated at $350,000 as of March 2022, and it is expected to grow even higher as she continues to gain popularity. Currently, her biggest source of income is her YouTube channel.

Although she has never discussed her personal life, it is safe to say that the single mom of a son earns a good amount. Her husband has a net worth of $80 million, and it’s not known who fathered her son. Kitty has a son, who is still unknown to us, and is leading a very exciting life with him. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers and is known for her curvy frame and ability to pose in tight bikinis. She also has a large fan base, with over 3.6 million followers.

Chinese Kitty’s net worth has risen to around $1.5 million in the next couple of years. Her income comes from modeling, music, and her role as a brand promoter and Youtuber. She has been very active on social media websites, uploading videos and selfies. Her Instagram account has over 383k followers and her YouTube channel has almost 3.5 million subscribers.

Kitty Wu, who is 26 years old, is also an entrepreneur. She launched her own production company called Kitty Wu International Co. Ltd. with an investment of HK$500,000 to promote her solo projects and collaborate with other artists. Her latest acting venture was KRUSH GROOVE, in which she played the role of Shen Yixi. While her past life is not known, her career has been a whirlwind of success.

Chinese Kitty has a large Instagram following, with over two million followers as of May 2018. She appeared on Love & Hip Hop Miami with her mother, Chinese Nicky. Her relationship with Shay Johnson is not a smooth one, and they both had disagreements with the singer. In March 2018, she released her first music video, “On Me”, with WorldStar HipHop. It received over 300,000 views within one month. In May 2018, Chinese Kitty released a new music video called “Bankrupt Remix” with rapper Lil Yachty and Lil Baby.

Chinese Kitty is a supporter of plastic surgery. She posted photos of her before and after surgery. She claimed that she underwent plastic surgery to has a more feminine figure. She was also pregnant with Jay Cole’s child, but she has not revealed the father of the baby. Currently, Chinese Kitty earns money through her self-titled YouTube channel. She has over eighteen thousand subscribers. The channel has 1.5 million views.

Chinese Kitty is 25 years old. She was born on January 18, 1995, in Queens, New York, USA. Her parents have Chinese and Guyanese ancestry, and she was raised in Queens. She also has two siblings.

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