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Born on September 23, 1961, Chris Heisser is a Libra and a motocross racer. His father is a businessman who is a certified broadcast meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society. He graduated from Newbury Park High School and went on to start his construction and real estate company. 


Chris Heisser is an American businessman and the boyfriend of the veteran actress Heather Locklear. His net worth is estimated to be at least $100 million. His net worth is so impressive that you’ll want to take a look at his Wikipedia page to find out more! 

Heisser is a model and has a net worth of $100 million. He’s a tall, good-looking man with a solid physique. He’s worth millions of dollars as a result of his successful career and his appearance as a real estate agent. While Chris may be a big name in the industry, his net worth is unknown, as he has had some unfortunate incidents throughout his life.


Heisser’s motocross career began before he graduated from high school. He built his bike and even hand-built an aluminium gas tank for it. He explained that the entire bike was crafted from scratch and a modified Honda frame. He stopped competing in motocross racing in 1984 due to personal issues, but he continued to make a name for himself as an athlete and won two 125cc AMA Grand National Championships.

Love life

Besides his motocross career, Chris Heisser is also engaged to Heather Locklear. The two were once high school sweethearts. He was previously married to Jimmie Heisser, but the couple reunited in 2017 and are expecting a child together.


Chris Heisser has been in and out of the spotlight lately. He was caught in a scandal involving his real estate business, Hamercrop Homes Inc., which was found to be fraudulent. In a criminal trial, he was convicted of forgery, forging his brother’s signature multiple times. The court ordered him to serve two years in prison and pay $652,697 in fines.

The alleged domestic abuse case involving Heisser and Heather Locklear was not a success. He was arrested for domestic violence and battery on a police officer after his girlfriend Heather Locklear was convicted of the crime. The incident occurred on February 25, 2018, and he was later arrested for DUI. Despite the legal troubles, Chris Heisser’s net worth is still estimated to be around USD 700 thousand.

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