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Chris Norton is an American motivational speaker and the founder of the SCI CAN Foundation. He was born in 1993 and is of American nationality. He is a Christian, and he has been a speaker for a variety of groups. He attended Luther College and played football. He began speaking at colleges and eventually established his own speaking business.

In addition to his professional speaking career, Chris Norton is an avid volunteer and a philanthropist. His foundation supports individuals with disabilities and he travels the US giving motivational talks. This has helped Chris Norton earn over a million dollars. Chris Norton is also a foster father and enjoys animals.

Chris Norton’s net worth is estimated to be between $8 million and $10 million. This figure may be higher due to his recent injuries. He has over 81 thousand followers on social media. He works with young people through his non-profit foundation and gives motivational talks. Chris Norton has a large amount of personal investment in real estate, and his net worth is steadily rising.

Chris Norton is a father and a husband. He was born in the United States and lives in Florida. He has one sister, Alex. Chris Norton was a college football player. He also has a brother named Jeff Norton. He married Emily Summers in Jupiter, Florida. Together, they have five adopted children.

Norton was a Division III football player for the Luther College Norse. After he became paralyzed, he began sharing his story with other audiences. He spoke to various sports clubs, churches, and conferences. He also does motivational speaking to encourage students. As a motivational speaker, Norton’s success has enabled him to work with companies and nonprofit organizations across the United States.

Norton has achieved tremendous success since his accident. He has worked on his charity efforts, and his net worth is among the highest in the celebrity world. His foundation, which supports kids with disabilities, allows him to work toward a charitable cause. This has made Chris Norton a very wealthy man.

Since his accident, Norton has been active in helping others through his non-profit foundation and as an inspirational speaker. He has also founded the SCI CAN charity, which raises money for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. The foundation hosts different events throughout the year, including annual dinners and other fundraisers. The charity also provides grants to hospitals and rehab facilities that help those with spinal cord injuries.

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