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The Siesta Key actress Juliette Porter is currently dating real estate agent Clark Drum. Drum is an expert in Fort Lauderdale’s luxury waterfront properties. He also has a keen understanding of boats and the area’s waterways. The two met on a Sunday night. Drum has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Clark Drum is a United States citizen. He is of White ethnicity. His father and grandfather were both businessmen. He has three siblings. His mother is a citizen of Switzerland and his father is an American citizen. Drum has never disclosed his personal details. He has not disclosed his childhood, but it is likely that his parents did not share a lot of information about him.

Before joining Drum Realty, he worked as a recruiting specialist for the university. He was then hired by Murphy O’Brien LLC to work as a social media marketer. Later, he joined his family’s business, Drum Realty. He is now the fourth generation of the Drum family to work in the real estate business.

Drum’s net worth is still unknown to the public, though his business, Drum Realty, is generating a significant income for the property developer. He is expected to have a net worth of at least $500 thousand by 2022 and a net income of almost $100 million a year. He has a substantial presence online. His Instagram account has over twenty thousand followers.

Clark Drum’s girlfriend, Juliette Drum, was once a business executive. Before dating Drum, she was involved with Sam Logan, Kuma Cannabis, and Concierge Automotive Services. Eventually, the couple split up in August 2021. Before meeting Drum, she had a romantic encounter with Robby Hayes, a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise. In addition to this, she had romantic encounters with Siesta Key co-actor Alex Kompothecras.

After graduating from high school, she joined a couple of acting programs. Drum holds an American nationality and is a member of the Christianity religion. His parents come from diverse cultures, and his heritage and upbringing is multiracial. His parents are supportive of his professional career. He also has an heirloom of wealth from his family.

His net worth is estimated at $2 million. His business is based in Fort Lauderdale. His business activities include real estate and yacht sales. He also works as a multimedia marketing supervisor for Murphy O’Brien LLC. During his time in Miami, Clark has also become a sales representative for Kitsom Yachts. Although he has not yet married, he is involved in a relationship with Juliette Porter. The two met during a wedding ceremony for Madison and Ish and began dating soon afterward.

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