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Coodie Simmons is an American screenwriter, director, and cinematographer. She has produced and directed over 20 movies. She also writes screenplays and produces music videos. She has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Since she found her passion for entertainment in high school, Coodie has worked in the entertainment industry for almost three decades.

Coodie Simmons was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 18, 1971. His parents encouraged him to take pictures and record good moments in his life. His mother often used a BHS camera to capture events in her life. Consequently, Coodie became fascinated with film and video as a child. In college, Coodie attempted to major in Communications, but he dropped out before completing it.

Coodie Simmons’ net worth is primarily based on her film and music video projects. She co-founded Channel Zero with her friend Danny Sorge. She later launched her own comedy label with Chike Ozah. She is a mother of one daughter, Ivy. Simmons has been a featured actor in several music videos.

Coodie and Chike Simmons have also collaborated on a documentary on Kanye West. The project will be released in three parts over the next three years. Coodie and Chike have also collaborated with various artists such as Joe Badass, Pitbull, and Erykah Badu. Their music videos have earned positive reviews, particularly for their collaboration on Benji. The film premiered at the American Black Film Festival.

Coodie Simmons’ net worth is estimated at $3 million. She has been an active member of the entertainment industry for over two decades. She has also starred in numerous movies and TV shows. Her net worth has grown significantly thanks to her various career moves. The documentary is currently on Netflix and will air weekly beginning in January 2019.

Simmons has also directed and produced various television and film projects. She produced the video for rap artist Kanye West’s song Through the Wire, as well as the Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs, which premieres on February 16 2022. She has also produced music videos and documentaries such as ‘Benji’ (2012) and ‘South Side’.

Her relationship with Kanye West inspired her to create a documentary. Coodie met Kanye West in New York, where she was working on a documentary on the rapper. In addition, she met Chike Ozah, who worked with Kanye West. The two became friends.

After high school, Simmons attended Northern Illinois University and studied communications. However, she was forced to leave after two years. Her family was very supportive of her decision to go to college. Simmons went on to perform stand-up comedy in Chicago’s South Side, where she made a name for herself. Coodie later worked with Danny Sorge, who co-created Channel Zero, a public-access show featuring local talent.

Coodie’s love for inspiring stories led her to produce documentaries about people she admired. She met Kanye West while working on a documentary about the rapper’s rise to fame. The project also led her to work with Chike Ozah, who produced ‘You Heard It First’.

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