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Corey Holcomb is a stand-up comedian who has earned an impressive net worth. The comedian is married to Maya Holcomb and they have three children together. According to online reports, the couple welcomed a daughter in 2012, which is now in college. Holcomb is also a contributor to the internet radio station of Jamie Foxx.

Corey Holcomb’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. He rose to fame by appearing in various television shows and films. He has been a radio host, TV host, and comedian, and is known as the “Ghetto Dr. Phil.” The radio show, titled Corey Holcomb 5150, airs on Ustream every Tuesday. The comedian has also worked as an actor, and has starred in several television shows and films.

Despite the fact that he has not received any awards or honors, Corey Holcomb has accomplished a lot throughout his life. He has appeared on the Jerry Springer Show with DeRay Davis and has three comedy specials under his belt. These shows have earned him a huge amount of money. In fact, it is estimated that his net worth will reach $1 million by 2021.

Holcomb was born in June 1969. He has not disclosed information about his parents. He is a native of Chicago and holds the American nationality. Besides that, he is a member of the African American community. During his early years, he was a stand-up comedian in Chicago. In the late 1990s, he became one of the most famous faces of the comedy scene in the city.

Corey Holcomb has worked as a comedian for a number of popular comedy shows. His most notable performances include his appearances on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in 2001, MADtv in 2002, Comedy Central Presents, and Prisoner 2. In recent years, he has also been an actor, appearing in several TV shows.

While there are no official sources for his net worth, it’s estimated that Corey Holcomb has a net worth of $1 million. His earnings are primarily from his acting and comedy shows. He also appears in several films. His net worth is expected to increase by $2 million by 2022. His career in comedy has allowed him to accumulate a large amount of money, and he is now enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Corey Holcomb has an impressive YouTube following. He has 179k subscribers, and his videos typically receive around 150k views. Some videos have even exceeded one million views. This shows that Holcomb is one of the highest-profile comedians in the world. Aside from comedy, Corey Holcomb has other talents that make him an interesting person.

Corey Holcomb is married to Maya Holcomb, and the couple has three children together. He and Maya Holcomb had been dating for many years before tying the knot in 2010. Maya and Corey are a perfect fit. The couple has three children, including a daughter born in 2012, who is an honor student.

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