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Dave Roberts was born on 31 May 1972 in Okinawa, Japan. His father met his mother while stationed in the island. He grew up moving from one military base to another. Eventually, he settled in San Diego, California. In addition to his acting career, Roberts also owns a winery.

Dave Roberts has not disclosed his net worth, but his earnings are relatively high. He makes around $746,831 a year. His stock portfolio is worth $14,522 units, with an average transaction of 6.970 units every 29 days. As a director of Lemaitre Vascular Inc., Roberts is an effective change-maker.

Dave Roberts’ net worth is estimated to be at least $2.5 million. It could be higher. The actor and broadcaster is active on social media. He may have a higher net worth than $2.5 million. If you are a fan of Dave Roberts, you can read about his earnings and salary on his wiki.

Dave Roberts is a professional baseball manager. He became a manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2026, and in 2016 was named NL Manager of the Year. This is an impressive amount, and he is expected to make over $10 million in the coming years. However, the source of his wealth is not clear. The main source of Roberts’ income is his coaching career.

Roberts is active in a variety of nonprofit organizations. He is a Fourth-degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus and actively volunteers for the Lupus Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. His charitable work has won him several awards. He has also been inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame.

Roberts played center field for the San Diego Padres from 1995 to 2000. He played two games in the 1999 ALDS. He then moved to Los Angeles to join the Dodgers. However, he chose baseball over football, and played outfield for the team during his time there. Afterward, he joined the Padres as Baseball Operations Special Assistant.

Roberts’ contract was extended by the Dodgers for three more years, and he will not be a lame duck manager in 2022. The Dodgers have now agreed to extend Roberts’ contract for three more years through 2025. His contract was originally signed for four years, but it was extended by the Dodgers in the 2018 season. Under Roberts’ leadership, the Dodgers have made the playoffs in all six seasons, winning the World Series three times.

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