Debra Jeter

The two young girls killed by Debra Jetter were her daughters, Kelsey and Kiersten. Her daughters were just 12 and 13 at the time. Jeter had previously attempted suicide in front of them two weeks earlier. She had also taken pills. Police believe she was acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which made her more prone to violence. Her parents have since filed for divorce. Their family is devastated and wants her back.

The two kids were not alone when the mother stabbed them in the back. Debra then attacked Kiersten. She then stabbed Kelsey, slitting her throat. After killing Kelsey, Debra returned to the house where they found Kiersten, who had been unconscious. Kiersten had recently been picked up from a hospital and had been begging one of her siblings to run away from the house.

Kierstan and Kelsey were 13 and 12 years old when the tragedy occurred. Debra Jeter lured them into an abandoned farmhouse with promises of a surprise. Once inside, she pulled out a knife. Her children were left fighting for their lives. It was a horrific scene, and it was filmed for Netflix’s upcoming show, “Debra Jeter: Survivor’s Guide to the Murder of Her Two Daughters.”

Debra Jeter was sentenced to life in prison without parole after pleading guilty to capital murder and attempted premeditated murder. Although she did not testify at trial, her daughter was spared the prospect of the death penalty and was spared from testifying in court. Despite the shocking outcome of the trial, Debra Jeter is still serving a life sentence. It is still unclear what caused her to kill her daughter.

Who Is Debra Jeter

The question: who is Debra Jeter? Debra Jeter is a mother of two girls. She was a mental patient, and she was undergoing therapy when she killed her youngest daughter. Debra took her two daughters to an abandoned house on I-77 in Milford, Texas, where she stabbed her older daughter, Kiersten, in the back with a knife. She also cut Kelsey’s throat with the knife. Debra then committed suicide in the bathroom.

The 911 call Debra Jeter made after killing her daughters was a bizarre one. The mother of two murdered her daughters, Kierstan, thirteen, and Kelsey, twelve. Jeter enticed them into the building by saying that she would surprise them with a surprise. When the girls entered the building, Debra Jeter pulled out a knife. She admitted to killing her daughters in the call, but the incident was not caught on video.

The day after Kiersten and Kelsey were stabbed by Debra, she attempted suicide by slashing them with a knife. She had the girls hide in an abandoned house, which was a short drive from Interstate 35. Debra Jeter was not arrested, but she later confessed to stabbing her daughter with a knife and attempting to kill herself. Her actions are still being investigated, but her family has released her from prison on a $2 million bail.

After pleading guilty to capital murder and attempted capital murder, Debra Jeter was sentenced to life without parole. Jeter spared her daughter from testifying against her, so she was granted a life sentence without parole. After being transferred to prison, Kiersten’s parents and sister’s lawyers filed for a restraining order against her mother. The court agreed with the plaintiffs’ claims and restraining order.

Is Debra Jeter Still Alive?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is Debra Jeter Still Alive?” then you’re not alone. There are millions of people wondering the same thing. After all, her death has shattered the internet. What’s her secret? Debra Jeter was a famous actress who was once married to Bill Clinton. She died after a horrific accident. However, is she alive today? Find out the answers below.

The first step towards finding out is to learn the truth behind Debra Jeter’s death. She has confessed to murdering her daughter and severely abusing another child, but she has since died. Her death has sparked interest among crime news enthusiasts, and a lot of conspiracy theories have sprung up. The case has gained a great deal of publicity on the Viral news scene. Debra Jeter has also been undergoing psychiatric treatment at the DePaul Center in Waco.

Despite a history of scandal, Debra Jeter’s death has been widely publicized. The crime happened on May 22, 2009, while the couple were facing a rough patch in their marriage. Her husband filed for divorce after learning of her criminal activity. On May 22, 2009, Debra attempted suicide in front of her two daughters. As a result, she was briefly committed to a mental health facility. The court eventually lifted the restraining order after she left the DePaul center.

The mother of two daughters confessed to murdering her daughters, age 13 and 12-year-old Kiersten. Deputies were able to locate the home after she called 911 and told police that she had killed her children. The 911 operators found Jeter and her daughter inside the house, where she stabbed the two girls. After the attack, Jeter pleaded guilty to the crime. It is unclear whether Jeter is still alive.

Why Did Debra Jeter Killed Her Child?

The question of “Why did Debra Jeter kill her child?” has a very disturbing answer. While a nursing student, Jeter did not attend to her daughter while she was at home. Rather, she pleaded for an ambulance to hurry up to the farmhouse where her daughters were living. Jeter claimed her daughter was begging for help and that she could not bear to watch her die, but she did not have a gun.

Kiersten Jeter’s murder case has shocked the nation. The two daughters were left with a broken heart and a mother who had a very broken heart. Although Debra Jeter admitted to the murder, she still had a very hard time getting over her divorce and killing her daughter. Kiersten’s case was complicated, but the resulting trial and conviction have put her case in the spotlight.

Debra Jeter drove her children to a vacant house near Route 35 and Interstate 77. There, she attacked Kiersten with a knife. Kiersten yelled for her sister to run, but Jeter stabbed her in the back. Debra stabbed Kelsey in the back while she fought for her life. Kiersten died of her fatal wound. A short time later, she returned and cut Kelsey’s throat.

After her confession, Kiersten Jeter has refrained from speaking to the media. She remembers the attack well, and has a vivid memory of it. Jeter had two daughters who were between the ages of seven and twelve at the time of the incident. Debra Jeter took her daughters to an abandoned house, where they were found in a bedroom. After being found, she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.

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