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Dede Raad is a popular fashion blogger and YouTube star. She’s half Palestinian and half German. She studied hotel management and event management in college, and is now an entrepreneur. She’s also involved in charity work, donating money from her website giveaways to charities of her choice. She has earned over $3 million through her blog and Instagram account.

Dede Raad is a social media star who blogs about a range of topics on her Instagram. Her videos and photos feature her family, life, and style. The twenty-year-old has been married to Ted Raad since August 2012, and the couple tied the knot at Chateau Cocomar in Houston. Currently, she has around 1,760 followers on Instagram and is worth around $2 million.

The self-made millionaire is also known for her charity work. She has donated millions of dollars to different charities. She has also been active on social media, writing articles about various causes. While it’s difficult to determine her net worth, Raad has been very generous with her money, having donated millions to charities.

Dede Raad has been blogging for around four years. Her popular blog, Dress Up Buttercup, discusses style, beauty, and lifestyle. She also has a self-titled Instagram account. In addition to her blogs, Raad has over one million followers. She was born in the United States on April 4, 1992 and completed her education there.

Dede Raad has worked in many industries, including the fashion and digital influence industry. She studied hotel management in college and then worked as an event and tradeshow manager for an oil and gas company. During her time as a wedding planner, she rediscovered her love for design.

Raad has a large readership through her popular blog, Dress Up Buttercup. She’s also launched her own fashion line at Nordstrom and collaborated with luxury hotels. Despite all of these opportunities, she’s kept her net worth very modest. Raad has also declined numerous requests to collaborate with brands.

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