Deepica Mutyala net worth 

Deepica Mutyala is an American social media personality and YouTuber. She became famous through her YouTube channel. She was born on 4 July 1989 in Houston, Texas. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and of South Asian descent. She is in perfect health and has a beautiful body figure. Her favourite colour is black, and she is a vegetarian. She also practices yoga and meditation. Deepica’s zodiac sign is Taurus.

Personal life

Her net worth is still unknown. Her family is composed of two older sisters. As of 2018, Deepica Mutyala is single. Her relationship status is unclear as well. She is single and has not revealed her boyfriend’s name. Deepica is currently not deciding on whether or not to marry a man.


After graduating from college, Deepica migrated to the United States. She worked at Arby’s, and at many other jobs. She also studied marketing at Harvard and the University of Texas, Austin. Deepica hoped to move to New York, where she could work on corporate beauty. However, she soon realized that she wanted to make her beauty line. She also has a fondness for boxing.

In 2015, Deepica became famous on YouTube for applying red lipstick too dark circles. The video received over 10 million views and Deepica was featured in several magazines. She also made appearances as a beauty expert on YouTube. She also campaigns for diversity in the beauty industry and has been partnered with numerous brands such as Coty, LVMH, and Unilever. Currently, Deepica is single and living the life she wants to live.


Deepica Mutyala’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. She has become a global influencer in the beauty industry due to her success on social media. She has over six million followers on Instagram and 291k subscribers on YouTube. Her Instagram account has almost 364k followers.

The majority of Deepica Mutyala’s net worth is based on her influence on social media. She began hosting her own YouTube channel in January 2015 and her videos have since gone viral, generating over five million views. She has also appeared on several television shows. She has also been featured in many publications and has landed a few TV roles.

Hard Work 

Despite her varied background, she has managed to become one of the most prominent beauty bloggers on YouTube. Mutyala is also an activist for greater diversity in the beauty industry. In January 2018, she founded a website called Live Tinted, which explores beauty and culture and gives a voice to women who are underrepresented in mainstream media.

After her success, Deepica began working with major companies, including L’Oreal and has collaborated with many prestigious publications. Deepica Mutyala’s net worth should be the goal of every female. Just make sure to follow her work!


Deepica Mutyala is a South Asian American beauty influencer. Her mission is to change the way people think about beauty and empower women to love themselves. Her beauty advice has earned her numerous accolades, including being featured in Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and The New York Times. She was also recently named one of the 100 most powerful women of 2020 by Entrepreneur Magazine. It is interesting to note that her atypical background led to her success in a diverse industry.

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