deez nuts band net worth

Deez Nuts’ net worth is currently unknown, but the band’s popularity has grown dramatically since their “Deez Nuts” video went viral on Instagram. The band has gained a large social media following, with over 240,000 Facebook likes, and their music has been featured on numerous television shows.

The group is managed by Anthony Bradford. They have worked with DJ Khaled, Amber Rose, and Dan Bilzerian. The group also made appearances at various clubs around the US. In addition to their music, the group also appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, where Kendrick Lamar interpreted the role of Deez Nuts. Their net worth is estimated at $100,000. They live in Compton, California.

The band’s popularity continued to rise. In 2008, they headlined the Sike Your Mind tour in Australia. They also played headline shows alongside bands such as Miles Away, Antagonist A.D., and Blkout. Deez Nuts also toured Europe with American hardcore act Ligeia. However, they were denied entry to the U.S. due to issues with their visas. They later returned to Australia. After the tour, Peters formed a hip hop/rap group called Grips & Tonic with Louie Knuxx. The band has released four studio albums.

The band members have also made a substantial amount of money on the internet. Welven Da Great has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand as of 2022. He earns around $4500 per club appearance. Earlier, his Instagram account was hacked, but he resurfaced with over 118 thousand followers.

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