Delrhonda Hood net worth


Delrhonda Hood is a television personality and radio show host. Her radio show, Keeping it 100, With Big Fifty, airs every Monday and Thursday. She has three children: sons Rodney and Eric, daughter Erideja, and grandson Kingston. Kingston is 13 years old, while Kamari is eleven. The aspiring actress has a net worth of $4.5 million. The documentary is set to debut on BET+ on September 30.


She started in a life that revolved around quick money and a fast lifestyle. Eventually, she was able to establish a drug empire and become the richest woman in her area. She even appeared on an episode of American Gangster Trap Queens, playing the role of the infamous Remy Ma. She later suffered from sarcoidosis and became a motivational speaker. She also hosts a radio show, Keeping It 100, With Big Fifty, where she encourages young women.

Illegal activities 

Delrhonda Hood’s net worth is largely based on her net worth and the amount of money she has amassed from her criminal activities. She is known as “Big Fifty” because her husband nicknamed her that way. Her illegal activities earned her the title of drug queen. She has earned millions of dollars through her gangster lifestyle.

Delrhonda Hood’s life was a saga that has been told in the television series American Gangster: Trap Queens. She was a drug lord in the past and was even featured in an episode of the show. Delrhonda grew up in Detroit, Michigan, as the oldest of four siblings. At the age of fifteen, she became pregnant and later gave birth to a male child.


The infamous mafia queen Judith Miller doesn’t have a public net worth. There’s no dedicated website dedicated to her, but she was once a very successful criminal. Her weapons and arsenal were used in several criminal enterprises. That’s a great way to make money. Judith Miller’s net worth may be a secret. She’s not willing to talk about it, but she has a large arsenal and is known for her “underworld” image.

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