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The internet is abuzz with information on the net worth of Dj Livia. This talented DJ from Chicago is the youngest member of the Monster Kids group and has gained many fans. Check out her website for more information on her net worth. A recent interview with Vogue magazine also revealed the secret to her success. However, there is no doubt that she is an accomplished performer. Whether you enjoy listening to DJ music or just wish to be a part of the party scene, DJ Livia has an Instagram account that is worth following.

Early life 

DJ Livia was born on June 23, 2007, in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents are Henry and Saidy Borjas. Her estimated net worth is somewhere between $1 and $5 million. While she is young, her parents did not disclose her sexual orientation or relationship status. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and 5 million dollars, but it is unlikely to exceed that figure. However, she has made much money through her primary career as a hip-hop DJ and is still alive and active.

Social media

Although her social media presence has brought her much fame, it is not possible to determine how much DJ Livia’s net worth is based on her Facebook ad revenue alone. DJ Livia’s Facebook net worth is not accurate because the cost of an ad is based on the number of followers a person has. She is likely making money through Facebook and Instagram, but that income is based on monetization programs on social media platforms.


She is of mixed race and has ancestors of multiple races. Her parents have three children. Her parents love music and have provided her with the love and support she needs to pursue her dreams of fame. She may become famous in the future because of her upbringing. There is no reason why she can’t reach the heights she desires.

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