Druski Net Worth

Real full name Drew Desbordes
Date of birth September 12, 1994
Age 28 (as of 2022)
Profession Comedic influencer
Nationality American
Height 6.2 ft
Gender Male
Druski Net Worth $400,000 (Last updated 2022)

Druski2Funny is an American star and a popular social media influencer. He gained fame with his eye-catching comedy videos and is now known by millions. He was born on September 12, 1994, and holds a U.S. nationality. He is of mixed ethnicity. In addition to his comedy videos, Druski has a Twitter handle with over 696 thousand followers. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Druski net worth is estimated to be around between $400,000to $1 million. As a talented comedian, he has racked up popularity and success in his comedy videos. His primary source of income is from YouTube, Instagram, and Tik-Tok sponsorships. He has not confirmed his relationship status. As of this writing, Druski is unmarried. However, his popularity is growing steadily, and he continues to make money in his field.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Druski is a social media sensation. He first gained fame from his stand-up comedy videos, which he shared on YouTube and Instagram. He became a style icon for the platforms, and today, he is one of the most popular names on these platforms. Druski is also known for his witty skits and videos. He has two professional and personal Instagram accounts. The comedian has no siblings, but his mother does.

Brith Place

Born in Maryland, Druski grew up in a family of African-Americans. His parents are still unknown to the public. Neither has he revealed his personal life, which has been quite private. During his early years, Druski attended school, where he met his girlfriend Nancy Gordeuk. While at college, he attended Georgia Southern University. He later dropped out of school after two semesters, which angered his mother and his grandmother.


The comedian’s social media presence has helped him earn a net worth of nearly $10 million. He has a large number of followers on Instagram and has 632 posts on his page. His vlogs are widely viewed, and his merch is priced between $50 and $60. His vlogs have been featured on several podcasts and videos, and he has become a popular internet personality, despite not having a last name.

In addition to being a renowned celebrity, Druski has also stepped out into music. He appeared in music videos by Drake and Jack Harlow. In addition, he has collaborated with Revolt to create a line of sneakers featuring Snoop Dogg and Teyana Taylor. His name also appears in the song “Tyler Herro” by Jack Harlow. He has also appeared on the popular TV series Sneakin’ In with Druski.

The star’s bio tells about his upbringing in Maryland and his subsequent rise to fame in the United States. He has an enormous following on Instagram, and is currently making YouTube recordings. Despite being a YouTube sensation, Druski’s videos are not sponsored, and her audience is likely to think that she’s making them for income. In actuality, she does it for fun, and has been working hard to achieve fame.


Druski’s Personal Life

Druski’s personal life is also fairly private. Though he is often outgoing and flirtatious in public, he does not open up about his personal life, so it is unknown who he is dating. Despite the rumours of a possible relationship, Druski remains single and focused on his career. In late 2021, Druski launched a YouTube channel called DruskiTV and has garnered over 195K subscribers.

While Druski’s personal life is unknown, it does reveal his academic achievements. His father is a pilot, and his mother holds a Master’s degree in public health. She worked for the Centers for Disease Control for many years. Druski has two siblings, one of whom is a volleyball player. The young artist has a strong personality and has made a name for herself on social media. If you’re curious about his background and what he’s up to, read on to find out more about this rising star.

Druski Biography

If you’re looking for a Druski biography, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll discover all you need to know about the comedian, actor, and music video star. In addition to being a beloved online presence, Druski has collaborated with rap artists such as Drake, Jack Harlow, and the Game. His biography will be a fascinating read, whether you’re a fan of the rapper or not.

Druski is a self-taught comic and has appeared in several music videos with rappers including Drake and J. Cole. His comedy skits have become viral Internet sensations, and he is also set to host the Off-Season Tour with J. Cole. Despite being an aspiring comedian, Druski’s parents were not pleased with his career choice. Ultimately, Druski’s popularity has made him one of the most influential comedians of our time.

Druski Is Also A Rap Artist

Aside from being an accomplished comic, Druski is also a rap artist. He has collaborated with a number of rappers for his music videos, and his popularity has increased immensely since his emergence in the rap scene. He has also become a favorite guest of American rapper Drake and has appeared on several music videos. Druski’s social media presence has helped him build his brand and make a name for himself as a stand-up star.

Final Words

In the meantime, Druski’s biography is a must-read for fans of rap music and comedy. His background is diverse and he tries to show the darker side of society. Many people don’t talk about predatory men, but Druski is trying to show that these people exist. People shouldn’t be afraid to talk about them, and he’s trying to get those conversations out there. While he’s made millions of fans, his background is far from the stuff of Hollywood stars.

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