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Duane Ollinger is an American businessman and television personality who has earned millions of dollars by locating buried treasure. He earned this money while working as an oil contractor in Texas before selling his business and moving to Utah to mine for gold. His net worth is large investments and other ventures, and his family’s wealth makes him even more lucrative. Even though he has accumulated millions of dollars, his net worth has remained stable over the years.


Among Ollinger’s numerous accomplishments, he is most proud of the Blind frog Ranch in eastern Utah. The land is three-and-a-half football fields large, and is known for its high UFO activity and rumoured haunting. His net worth is estimated at $10 million. Duane Ollinger’s net worth is higher than you might think. But before you get too excited about Duane Ollinger’s fortune, make sure to read about his background.


Duane Ollinger has a healthy weight and height. He married Sherry Ollinger, a registered nurse, in 1978. Sherry Ollinger was born on March 30, 1958. Duane Ollinger’s net worth is not very high, but it is decent enough. Sherry has thousands of subscribers on YouTube.


The majority of his wealth has come from his investment in the oil industry. He worked in Texas oil for many years and was involved in running the company. Since then, he has expanded his business and ventured into gold prospecting. Currently, he owns Blind Frog Ranch. Among his other businesses, he has been involved with three different companies. Tiger Aviation and Blind Frog Ranch are still active.


Ollinger also owns Hot Springs Ranch, a property with mineral deposits. The property is located in New Mexico, a region rich in ancient traditions and cultures. This land is home to a popular reality television show, “Mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch.” The show has completed its third season. And it has produced three seasons! Duane Ollinger’s net worth is staggering. You can’t afford to miss this man’s projects.

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