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Elize Matsunaga is a Brazilian lawyer and former nurse. She is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband, Marcos Kitano. She was raised by an aunt and was reunited with her mother when she was ten years old. She was later abused by her stepfather and ran away from home at the age of fifteen. She then turned to adultery to help pay for her college fees.


Elize Matsunaga’s father was a successful businessman. However, he and Elize had a turbulent relationship and had a history of cheating. Elize also confessed to the murder in a Netflix documentary. She learned to sew in prison after the scandal was revealed. Despite her background, Matsunaga still has a very high net worth. There are no details about her income and net worth.

After a trial in 2016, Elize Matsunaga was found guilty of murder. She was sentenced to almost 20 years in prison. The infamous crime spanned five years. The docuseries “Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime” shows her side of the story. Elize’s sentence was reduced to 16 years and three months and she would turn 51 in July 2021.

Early life

Elize Matsunaga’s early life is not very glamorous. She was raised by a single mother who did not have money to send her to university. Her mother eventually moved in with her grandmother and they raised her. However, she always dreamed of a lavish life. The first marriage of Elize Matsunaga resulted in her getting a divorce. However, her net worth is now estimated at $1 million.


Despite her poor background, her grandmother supported her dreams of leading a lavish life. Matsunaga later went on to be a model and actor in many movies and TV shows. During this period, she became a well-known actress by starring in the telenovela The Last Prince. In 2012, she moved to TV5, where she starred in Game N Go and Misibis Bay.

The most notable factor in Elize Matsunaga’s net worth is her role in a Netflix crime documentary series. Her conviction for killing her husband and being acquitted for life has increased her net worth. She currently coordinates a tailoring workshop at FUNAP and has been working on her sewing skills since her arrest. In addition, Elize’s conviction was commuted because of her confession. As a result, she will be released from prison in 2035.


Elize Matsunaga’s husband, Marcos Matsunaga, was a successful food entrepreneur. The family-owned ‘Yoki’, is a multi-million dollar Japanese food company. The couple had one daughter, Elena. The marriage was a success, but it left many wondering about the source of Matsunaga’s net worth. Fortunately, Marcos Matsunaga and Elize met on escort sites, where she eventually became a permanent employee.

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