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The net worth of Erik Cowie is around $1 million. He was a former head zookeeper for Joe Exotics. He testified in the trial of Joe Exotics, where he claimed to kill old tigers to make room for the young ones. He was also accused of using meth, but he denied this. His dental implants were installed by a dentist, Jeff Lowe after he discovered he had crooked teeth. The dentist explained that his teeth had become crooked as a result of aging.


Erich Cowie remains on the high road and is working his way up the social ladder. His latest film, Exotic, is a documentary series about an ex-zookeeper who was sentenced to 22 years in jail in 2019. The documentary features a harrowing true story about a man who killed two tigers for hire and was later found guilty of eight Lacey Act violations and nine Endangered Species Act offences. 

In addition to his career in television, Cowie’s net worth has grown over the years. In addition to being a star in the Netflix series “Tiger King,” he was also a zookeeper at the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park. His career soared and he rose to become the Head Zookeeper of the Zoo.

After his zoo stint, he had an alcoholic problem that he recovered from. Before he joined Joe Exotic, Cowie worked as a cook at a restaurant named Michael’s Grill. Sadly, the actor’s net worth is not available, but it is estimated to be between $3 million and $5 million.

Sudden death

Unfortunately, he passed away in September 2021, a few days after being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma. Moreover, Cowie had a troubled personal life. His death in 2021 was blamed on acute alcohol abuse and chronic drug addiction. He was found unconscious in his bedroom of a Brooklyn apartment at 5:30 pm and was found dead on September 3, 2021. He had been working at a zoo for five years. However, he had a troubled life and had been arrested for DUI in the summer of 2021. He was also accused of failure to appear at a hearing. It came as a shock to the community.

Life obscurity 

His estimated net worth is not available, but he has told the media that full data will be available soon. His height isn’t known, and his entire education took place in the USA. His parents are from Oklahoma, but Erik hasn’t revealed any other details about his family life. His parents raised him in Oklahoma City and he didn’t share any information about his education. Likewise, he hasn’t revealed much about his past and his adoration life.

Married life

The obituary for Cowie has no mention of his wife. Even though he married a woman named Karen Cowie, he did not mention his relationship with her publicly. His wife has also not released photos of their children, so it’s difficult to assess their size and number. However, the death of the actress has also left many fans wondering about his net worth. Despite his obituary, Erik Cowie’s net worth remains unknown.

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