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Erin French is a well-known television presenter who has made a name for herself in the food and wine industry. She is also a well-known gourmet food expert. She is married to Michael French and has a 10-year-old daughter. She also has two sons and a son-in-law. Her two children share a passion for gourmet foods.

Erin French has a net worth of $1 million as of 2022. Before becoming famous, she hosted secret suppers in her apartment and eventually opened her own restaurant, “The Lost Kitchen,” in Freedom, Maine. The restaurant employs only female staff and uses seasonal ingredients from local farmer friends.

The entrepreneur also has a husband. Her husband Michael Dutton is an emerging content specialist and business development strategist. He graduated from Boston University and began his professional career in 2006. He is currently a managing partner of 6ccMedia. The couple’s relationship has been turbulent, with Dutton trying to make ends meet and French taking prescription drugs.

Erin French’s rocky past led her to pursue her passion for cooking. Her restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, received attention from The New York Times and Elle Decor. However, the fame Erin gained led to her experimenting with alcohol and drugs. As a result, her marriage with Todd French ended in divorce. After the divorce, she went into rehab, but she later returned to the restaurant business and married her long-time boyfriend, Michael Dutton.

In addition to being a successful food and recipe book author, Erin French has an enormous social media following. She has over 181,000 followers on Instagram and almost two thousand followers on Twitter. She has also been the subject of a James Beard Award-winning short film. Erin’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

Erin French has two books published. “The Lost Kitchen” premiered on Discovery+ in January 2021, with six episodes. A second season is scheduled for release in October 2022. French also owns a restaurant and rental cottages. She married Michael Dutton in August 2018. He is an entrepreneur and senior director at IMG Media. Her first marriage ended in divorce and she lost custody of their only child.

French’s success has also increased her net worth. She has been able to open her own restaurant, The Lost Kitchen, in Freedom, Maine, where she serves classic and innovative cuisine. In her memoir, French reveals her struggles with mental health and addiction, as well as the struggle to raise a child as a single mom. Her recipes feature the freshest ingredients and she also ferments her own beer, which she serves at her restaurant.

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