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Evan Hafer is an American born in 1977. His zodiac sign is Leo. He holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity. Despite the rumours of his Jewish origin, the businessman has not confirmed the same.

Early life

Evan Hafer grew up in a military family. After high school, he joined the National Guard and shortly after he came back from basic training, he resolved to start over. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree at Idaho State University.


While serving in the military, Evan Hafer was a CIA contractor and served for 20 years. Evan Hafer was a military veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan for 20 years.

In between, he was an army ranger, a CIA contractor, and an Air Force staff sergeant. During his time in the US Army, Evan Hafer was involved in various projects and earned over $1 million from these endeavours. 


In 1997, he fell in love with coffee in Seattle. After a decade, he began roasting coffee beans and taking them to war zones around the world. He established his own coffee company, Black Rifle, in 2015. The company has earned many awards for its coffee. And while his business ventures have earned him a fortune, it remains to be seen whether he can maintain a healthy balance between it and his social life.


In the business world, Evan Hafer is known as the founder of Black Rifle Coffee, a brand that provides quality coffee. This brand has grown in popularity among working men and military officers alike. His business has grown from one store in Northern Idaho to a multi-million dollar enterprise. In addition to making coffee, Evan Hafer has also founded several other businesses, including a coffee-roasted company. The net worth of Evan Hafer is estimated to reach one million dollars by 2022.

The net worth of Evan Hafer is not yet known. However, his net worth is likely to increase owing to his numerous accomplishments in the business world. Among his many achievements are sponsorships for archery tournaments in the 2020 Olympics, and the creation of a charity foundation for veterans. 


He aims to expand his business by the year 2022. Before entering the business world, he served in the United States military for twenty years. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq and held various positions, including infantryman, special forces soldier, and CIA contractor.

In addition to his booming business, Evan Hafer is also an entrepreneur who is very dedicated to his community. Previously, he served in the military as a Personal Protection contractor, gaining success through this position. After returning from Afghanistan, he launched a coffee roasting company. The brand is a big sponsor of the 2020 Olympic Archer tournament. Similarly, Evan Hafer has donated to many outdoor sports organizations and charities in a variety of ways.


He is married to Kate Hafer, a photographer. The couple is blessed with a daughter. Evan even taught his daughter how to shoot a target. While he is considered a father figure, he is also an avid coffee drinker. His wife, Kate, has a successful career in the corporate world, and she is supportive of his dreams and ambitions. The family also spends time outdoors, and Evan likes to post pictures of his family on social media.


As a child, Evan Hafer was shy. He enjoyed board games and enjoyed coffee. After completing his military service, he launched his own coffee company. He had extensive experience in roasting coffee beans and delivering caffeine. He is now estimated to have a net worth of $1 million in 2022. This businessman is also a CIA veteran. So far, it is not surprising that he has a thriving business and a successful personal life.

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