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The net worth of rapper Flesh-n-Bone is estimated to be around $4 million. The hip hop artist is from Ohio, and earned his fame as an associate of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. He also has a number of solo albums to his credit. The rapper is known for his rapid-fire rapping style and double raps.

Flesh-n-Bone has a large fan base. His net worth is quite impressive, and he is considered one of the most successful rappers in history. He was born on June 10, 1973, in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a US citizen. Despite his huge popularity, he maintains a low profile and does not share his private life.

Flesh-n-Bone is a rap star and rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. He is also a member of the rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. He is the oldest brother of Layzie Bone and the uncle of Wish Bone. His wealth is estimated at around $4 million.

Flesh-n-Bone was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1973. The band has a large home in the area. They also released a music album, Faces of Loss, in 1993. The band has been in the business for almost four decades now, and have made millions in the process.

During a concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio, Flesh-n-Bone was arrested for a felony warrant from 2000. The allegations were dropped five days later, and the rapper was released from jail. He is now working on a new mixtape called E. The band has sold over 50 million records around the world.

In December 1999, Flesh-n-Bone got into a fight with his friend Tarrance Vickers. He then took out a loaded semiautomatic AK-47 and shot him. The incident was described as one of the worst child abuse cases in history by a Van Nuys Superior Court Judge. Flesh-n-Bone later pleaded guilty to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 12 years in Pleasant Valley State Prison. He was also forced to take an anger-management class.

Flesh-n-Bone is an associate of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. He has been a member of the group since 1992 and has released two solo albums. Their albums were certified 4x Platinum and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. They have also toured with the group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Flesh-n-Bone is a singer-rapper. His net worth is estimated at around $500 thousand. The rapper has not revealed any information on his source of income, but his earnings as a Rapper have helped him accumulate a substantial net worth. He also owns a large house in Cleveland, Ohio.

Flesh-n-Bone is from Ohio and rose to prominence as a member of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. He is married to Isabel Howse, and they have a daughter, Monica.

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