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Franco Escamilla is a Mexican comedian who was born on April 29, 1981. His given name is Franco, which translates to a French man. His family is from Morelos, Mexico, and he has two children. Franco Escamilla is 38 years old. His height is 166 cm and his weight is unknown. His dress size is 8 and his shoe size is 4. His age is estimated to be 41 in 2022.


Franco Escamilla is a popular YouTube star with a subscriber base of 9.67 million. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, based on the estimated advertising revenue he receives from YouTube. Depending on his audience, Franco Escamilla’s net worth could increase as much as $2 million. This is a very impressive amount of money to have, especially in this day and age.


In 2011, he had his show on Estrella TV, where he was featured in two episodes. Since then, he has become a household name across the globe. Celebrity is a member of the Mexican comics’ union.

The comedian was the first Latin American comic to perform at the National Auditorium. He has sold out theatres such as Staples Center and Mexico City Arena. In addition to stand-up comedy, Franco Escamilla is also a musician and has released an album with Edgar Oceransky. He also owns a YouTube channel, called The Devil Squad. His videos have been featured on Comedy Central and various other television shows.

Franco Escamilla’s YouTube channel has 1507 videos and was started 14 years ago. His videos are posted in the Film and Entertainment categories. The estimated income from this channel varies depending on the language and the cost of the videos. His earnings are based on channel views until July 30. It’s also possible that Franco Escamilla earns from sponsored content and product sales.

Personal life

Franco Escamilla is married to Gabriela Salazar, who is his wife. They have three children together, although they have not publicly revealed details of their children. Despite his wealth, Franco Escamilla remains modest, choosing to lead a simple life rather than indulge in extravagant lifestyles. However, he is not a wealthy man, as his net worth may be inflated by the media attention his comedic performances receive.

His wife, Gabriela Salazar, is also a prominent figure in Mexico, although it is unknown what her age is. It is possible, however, that her age may be lower than Franco’s.

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