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If you are wondering how much money Fred Williamson is worth, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you how much he is worth and how to get in touch with him. Before we begin, let us talk about Fred Williamson’s background. This well-known television personality was born in Gary, Indiana in 1938. His parents were Frank and Lydia Williamson. Fred was the eldest child of the three and has no siblings. 


The former NFL star has a net worth of $30 million. He is widely respected in the field of athletics and played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for three seasons. He was also a member of the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes for one season in 1968. However, his career ended there as he was injured during his time with the Kansas team. In addition, Williamson is known for his acting in films like Three the Hard Way in 1974 and Take a Hard Ride in 1975. During his career, he has acted in several movies, including the critically-acclaimed ‘On Edge’, ‘July’ in 1972 and ‘Black Caesar’ in 1973.

After retiring from the NFL, Fred Williamson focused on film work. He appeared in dozens of films and produced a total of 20 movies through his production company, Po’Boy Productions. In addition to acting, Fred Williamson also has a substantial net worth as a director. In 2018, he was one of the highest-paid actors in history.

Despite having a successful career as a football player, Fred Williamson also has an extensive background as an actor, producer, and director. He first came to prominence while playing college football for the San Francisco 49ers. After being released from his rookie year, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers and went on to play in the NFL. He then played with the Oakland Raiders from 1960 to 1965. He later went on to play for the Kansas Chiefs for the next seven years.


Fred Williamson is a highly-competitive star. Many of these celebrities have influenced the culture around us through their innovative ideas and creativity. For Fred Williamson, this is no different. He started as an Actor and soon moved to another field, but he continued to study and pursue his dream of becoming rich and famous.


He married Linda Williamson in 1988. Before this, he was married to Ginette Lavonda from 1960 until 1967. After his divorce from Ginette, he moved to Palm Springs, California where he currently lives with Linda.


Despite his huge net worth, Fred Williamson has been criticized for several issues. He endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election and was accused of groping his assistant during a wardrobe fitting. This sparked outrage as he denied the charges. As of May 2022, Williamson has not been dating anyone.

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