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Greg Kinnear is a well-known actor and broadcaster. He has appeared in many films and television shows including ‘The Kennedys’ and ‘L.A. Law’. He has also hosted shows such as ‘Best Of the Worst’ and ‘Talk Soup’. He was born on 17 June 1963 in Logansport, Indiana. While growing up, he lived in Athens and Beirut. Later, he went to the University of Arizona, where he studied broadcast journalism.

After spending several decades in the entertainment industry, Greg Kinnear has amassed a massive net worth. While most of his earnings are from acting in films, he also has a modest fortune from appearing in television shows. As of June 2022, Greg Kinnear’s net worth is projected to be around $25 million.

Greg Kinnear was born in Logansport, Indiana. His parents, Edward and Suzanne Kinnear, were career diplomats. He also has two brothers. He married British glamour model Helen Labdon on May 1, 1999. The couple has three daughters together. Their net worth is estimated at $35 million.

Greg Kinnear has had many successful roles on the big screen. He won the role of David Larrabee in the 1954 classic ‘Sabrina’ and appeared in several other successful films. He was also cast in the romantic comedy “Dear God” and the comedy “Baby Mama.” He recently announced that he is starring in a new film, “Stuck in Love,” based on his relationship with his ex-wife.

Greg Kinnear has acted in several successful films since his debut in the late 1990s. He voiced Phineas T. Ratchet in ‘The Kennedys’ and has appeared in ‘Stranger But True’. The actor also directed the movie ‘Phil’. He has continued to work in a number of other movies and television shows.

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