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Henry Cuellar is a politician from Texas who has a net worth of over $100k. In addition to serving as a lawmaker, Cuellar is also a certified customs agent. He founded a law firm in Laredo, Texas, in 1981 and later became an assistant professor at Texas A&M International University. Cuellar also serves as a member of the Texas House of Representatives’ Academic, Calendar, and Finance Committees. He is the father of two children.

Cuellar is 66 years old and belongs to the Democratic party. His net worth has grown substantially in recent years, and he now has a wiki page, allowing fans to learn more about him. Cuellar’s net worth is expected to increase in the coming years, and he has a number of projects underway.

Cuellar is married to Imelda Cuellar, with whom he has two children. In 2014, Cuellar appeared in the role of George Washington in the annual Washington Birthday Celebration in Laredo, Texas. Cuellar is a well-known political figure in Texas, and his net worth is likely to grow in the future.

Henry Cuellar was born in Laredo, Texas, on 19 September 1955. He attended Not Known School and then enrolled at Not Known College. His parents are Mexican-Americans, and his father is a gardener. His mother, Odilia Perez, was born in Zapata, Texas.

Henry’s wife, Christina, is the youngest of his children. Christina graduated from Texas A&M Worldwide College in May 2021. Henry has posted pictures of the commencement ceremony. On Women’s Day 2020, he praised women in his actuality. He also thanked his female role models.

Henry Cuellar has been a member of the United States House for the Texas 28th congress since 2005. His liberal views have kept him safe from conservative Texas gatherings. Cuellar also served as Texas secretary for a short period of time in 2001. He was re-elected in 2004 and won his seat in the Texas 28th congressional district.

Cuellar’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. He serves as a member of the House of Representatives and is an American lawyer. He represents a district that extends from the Rio Grande to the suburbs of San Antonio. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Cuellar was born in Laredo, Texas, and completed his schooling at Not Known School. Cuellar also graduated from Not Known College.

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