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The net worth of YouTuber How Ridiculous is expected to reach $7 million by the year 2022. The YouTube channel has accumulated more than 7 million subscribers, and its content features experiments and crazy feats. How Ridiculous, based in Perth, Australia, started out as two friends making stunt videos in their backyard.

The net worth of How Ridiculous depends on how many views each of their videos generates. Depending on the video length and number of subscribers, How Ridiculous net worth could range from $1.5 million to $3 million. YouTube channel creators in Australia can earn anywhere between $30 thousand and $86.6 million per month. While this number is an estimate, the actual income of the team behind the channel is likely much higher.

In addition to their popular YouTube channel, How Ridiculous has also launched a spinoff channel called HR Gaming. The channel competes in a variety of games. One of their most popular videos, “I Dropped a Giant Metal Dart from 45m”, went viral and helped increase the team’s net worth.

The YouTube channel How Ridiculous was founded in 2009, in Perth, Western Australia. Its three most popular members are Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson. According to YouTube, the channel has over four billion views and 11,300,000 subscribers. Its videos include experiments on how to throw objects from great heights. They also drop household appliances, cars, small airplanes, and even giant darts.

How Ridiculous has a net worth of $7 million as of 2021. The net worth of How Ridiculous is estimated by using several social factors. Actual income and net worth may be much higher or lower than this estimate. The Australian YouTube channel has become very popular, earning millions of subscribers and earning a healthy amount.

The group has been working to establish themselves as successful YouTube stars. Their latest video “Guinness World Record for Longest Golf Putt” is now a Guinness World Record. Brett Stanford, one of the members of How Ridiculous, broke the record at Point Walter in Western Australia. As a result, the net worth of How Ridiculous is expected to grow in the future.

Brett Stanford is a YouTube sensation. He gained fame and recognition online by demonstrating tricks on his videos. Brett Stanford’s net worth is around $1 million. Derek Herron, also from Australia, is also a member of the How Ridiculous collective and earns a substantial amount from the channel.

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