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He was born in South Korea on November 20, 1981. His parents are Christian, and he spent part of his childhood living in Seoul. His primary education was completed in South Korea. His parents came from wealthy families. His father was a successful businessman, and he was able to fulfil his father’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Despite his background, Soik has kept the details of his family private. Nevertheless, his parents have been supportive. Consequently, Soik’s net worth has grown exponentially. There are rumours about him living in the United States.


Hunter Lee Soik has a high net worth, and the reasons are varied. This American entrepreneur has a burgeoning business. Soik has been a part of the film industry for over fifteen years, and his career spans both entertainment and manufacturing. Before founding his own company, Soik was in the manufacturing workforce at CBS for over a year. After leaving CBS, Soik worked for Paramount Pictures for five months, and later at Sony Pictures Entertainment and The Walt Disney Company. Hunter Lee Soik is also the founder of the Lawoffew.

Soik is a tech entrepreneur who created an alarm clock app called SHADOW. This app enables customers to see the content of their desires. In addition to his work with SHADOW, he serves as the Executive Chair of the enso group. 

Motivational Speaker

Hunter Lee Soik has a net worth of $130 million. His net worth has been growing steadily since leaving Lipman in 2008. He is a talented creative director and has produced ad campaigns for many top designers. He is also a motivational speaker. Soik has been involved with various projects for the last ten years, including TV series for a major entertainment company. In addition to his entrepreneurship, Soik also serves as an investor and motivational speaker.


Soik has worked in the creative industry for years, before turning to technology. This pivot was influenced by his past experiences. In the creative industry, he worked long hours and slept for long periods. As a result, he has become an extremely successful businessman and is a man of principles. Having learned from his father, Soik has been able to apply the lessons from his father in his way.

His burgeoning popularity has been credited to his enticing works in the arts. He has created a range of projects in the field of photography. A few of these projects include a popular mini-series on his life and the creation of his own company, Tarade X. Soik also possesses several investments in small businesses and has founded several successful technology startups.

The Inventing Anna series was a comedy produced by Netflix. Anna Delvey was lured into revealing her secret boyfriend after receiving a $10,000 payment from the public. Hunter Lee Soik was one of the people who helped her pull off the con. He also brought Anna Delvey into the business world and gave her advice on how to advance in the field. As such, he has a substantial net worth and is worth watching.

Love affairs

He also dated Anna Delvey for several years, and they became a fixture on the New York social scene. Soik left New York in 2016 but Delvey remained in the city to pursue a fraudulent lifestyle. Delvey was later arrested and convicted of fraud.

Personal life

Besides his successful business and social media presence, Hunter Lee Soik’s personal life includes several investments and businesses. He has a wealth of more than $8 million. Soik is an investor, a tech entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. It’s not yet clear how he got there, but he has certainly made his mark and built a great business and a successful career for himself.


Soik has built an impressive net worth as an entrepreneur, and his wealth has been built up from his business ventures and his investments. In addition to his personal life, he has also been an investor, working as the Interim Chief Operating Officer for TRADE X. His personal information and personal relationships are not publicly available, and therefore, it is impossible to gauge the size of his net worth. But he still has many ways to grow his business.

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