isaac cruz boxer net worth

Isaac Cruz has been a professional boxer for seven years. He has averaged winning bouts every five to six months. His fights usually last nine rounds. According to The Ring magazine and BoxRec, Cruz’s net worth could be between $1 million and $2 million by 2022. This is comparable to the net worth of basketball star Paul George.

Isaac Cruz is married to Mexican model Raquel Gonzalez and they have a son. Their relationship is not very public but has been described as close. The two of them are very private about their personal lives and do not like the spotlight. Their son is the only child they share. Their son is their only source of publicity.

Isaac Cruz has not revealed his net worth. However, it was revealed that his father has a net worth of $5 million. His mother is a schoolteacher and does not have a high net worth. Although Isaac Cruz has not disclosed his net worth, his recent earnings are impressive.

A big part of Isaac Cruz’s net worth comes from his PPV earnings. His fight with Barrios earned him a guaranteed $1 million. While Barrios earned a $1.5 million PPV deal, Cruz earned about $600,000. He also has a PPV bonus.

Isaac Cruz’s net worth is likely to increase after he wins his fight against Davis. The victory would make him the world lightweight champion. Cruz’s supporters are expecting him to take full advantage of this opportunity. After the fight, he can expect to earn an additional million.

The Mexican boxer Isaac Cruz was born on May 23, 1998. He began his professional career at age sixteen. As of November 2021, he is ranked sixth among active lightweights according to the Transnational Boxing Ranking Board. His father, Rafael Cruz, is a professional baseball player and also a boxer. He and Isaac are close and remain in contact.

In March 2021, he fought Jose Matias Romero in a WBA lightweight title eliminator. In this bout, Cruz earned a unanimous decision. Moreover, he earned over $600,000, and the PPV rights are worth around $2 million.

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