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Issac Wright Jr is an American attorney who is currently a contender for mayor of New York City in the year 2021. He received a life sentence in 1989 after being convicted of a drug offense, and is now a public figure. The former attorney fought for his freedom, and is now writing a memoir with Jon Sternfeld. He has been active on social media, and has 174 thousand followers on Twitter. He is also an active Instagram user, with a following of 173K people and 415 posts.

In addition to his fame as an attorney, Wright has a history of personal life. He has a daughter, Tikealla S. Wright, and he has owned a record label called X-Press Records. He also co-founded the girl group The Cover Girls. He also made several appearances on TV shows like Star Search. He was arrested for selling drugs in 1989. The prosecutor found out his past drug dealing, and he was sentenced to a life sentence.

Isaac Wright Jr. net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. He has a strong following in the black community, and has been a public figure since his release. His life has been an emotional roller coaster, but he believes he can use his experiences as a basis for a successful campaign for mayor. He has pledged to reform the criminal justice system, as well as the police force.

Wright’s story is fascinating. He was wrongfully convicted of a drug trafficking ring in 1991 and sentenced to life in prison. As a result, he was one of the first people to be caught as a drug kingpin under the drug kingpin laws.

In addition to being a public figure, Wright is also an avid social media user. His Instagram account has 174 thousand followers. In addition to his social media accounts, Wright has also opened a donation account. And he has been generous in giving donations through his account.

Wright’s For Life podcast series has six parts. It was produced by his business partner Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The podcast series is based on Wright’s own experiences as a prisoner. His co-hosts include George Tillman Jr. Wright also serves as an attorney at Hunt, Hamlin, and Ridley in Newark, New Jersey. His net worth is estimated to be about USD 600 thousand by 2021.

Wright’s net worth has been steadily growing since he was just 12 years old. He has given many interviews and is an accomplished speaker and writer. However, he also has some infamous past. He was once jailed for buying two pounds of Cocaine in 1989 and later convicted of ten drug crimes. In 1992, Wright’s wife Sunshine Wright was incarcerated for nine months. In addition to being convicted of drug crimes, Wright was sentenced to a prison term worth life plus 70 years.

Wright was wrongfully convicted for a cocaine trafficking network in New Jersey. The judge that presided over the case was corrupt and involved in a conspiracy against Wright. He was removed from the bench after being implicated in the crime. He ended up spending the next five years in jail on theft charges.

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