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Jamie Raskin’s net worth is around $1 to $5 million. She is a popular academic who has made a lot of money through her political career. However, her net worth is still under construction. Currently, she is 57 years old and lives in the United States. Her height and weight are not available. She keeps her personal life private and has not revealed her marital status.

Jamie Raskin is an American politician and author. He earned most of his net worth by teaching constitutional law. He has served three terms as a state senator in Maryland. He is currently a representative for Maryland’s 8th congressional district. His wife Sarah Raskin recently sold 195,936 shares of Reserve Trust for nearly $1.5 million. The exact time at which she purchased the shares is unknown, but a member of Congress is required to disclose any stock transaction of more than $1K.

Jamie Raskin’s net worth is approximately $5 million. His salary and gatherings in 2018 was around $4 million. Raskin is an active member of the Democratic Party, and has three children. His net worth is primarily derived from politics, although it is possible that other sources of income may also be a part of his net worth.

Jamie Raskin is a prominent author and has co-authored several books. He is known for his book “The Wealth Primary: Campaign Fundraising and the Constitution”. He is also a contributing member of several organizations. His book “We the Students” is particularly popular. His books have been highly praised by critics. Listed below are some of his most important publications. And don’t forget his many books.

Jamie Raskin is married to Sarah Bloom Raskin, a former Maryland commissioner of financial regulation. The couple is also the parents of two daughters and one son. Their net worth is estimated at about $1.5 million. They live in Tacoma Park, Maryland. The couple have two children together, who are currently in college.

Jamie Raskin was born in December 1962 and is an American citizen. He received his B.A. from Harvard College and his J.D. from Harvard Law School. He was also a past editor of the Harvard Law Review. However, he has not disclosed his height or weight.

The wife of Jamie Raskin, Sarah Bloom Raskin, is a lawyer. She has earned a good amount of money through her profession. She is married with three children and has a high Twitter following. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He is also a philanthropist.

Raskin has worked for several organizations over the years. He helped create the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project at the American University Washington College of Law in 1999. He also served as general counsel for the National Rainbow Coalition.

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