jeffrey chodorow net worth

The net worth of Jeffrey Chodorow is estimated to be between $13 and $20 million. He has an impressive career history, having founded several successful companies, including China Grill in 1987, RedFarm in 1999, and the RedFarm Group in 2008. Jeffrey Chodorow has also stayed very active in the investing world, has invested in a number of companies through his connections.

Chodorow was born in the Bronx in 1950 and raised in Miami, Florida. His mother worked as a manicurist, so the family didn’t have a lot of money when they were young. After high school, he attended Penn Law and went on to practice law in Philadelphia. He eventually made his first million in real estate.

Chodorow’s net worth fluctuated over the years. His fortune started to increase when he opened the China Grill restaurant in 1987, and his net worth increased to at least $11 million by 2007. In 2000, he founded the China Grill Management company and has been CEO and chairman since 2008.

Jeffrey Chodorow is a businessman and a lawyer. He was born in the Bronx, where his father died when he was a baby. His mother worked as a manicurist, and couldn’t afford a babysitter. When he was young, his mother brought him to a number of nightclubs and restaurants. His father passed away when he was only four years old, so he had to depend on his mother for support.

Chodorow has a number of other ventures besides his restaurant business. He opened the China Grill restaurant in 1987 and reaped more than $11 million in sales by 2007. In addition to real estate, Chodorow was the administrator of BIA-COR Holdings, which bought a controlling interest in Braniff Inc. in 1988. Ultimately, Chodorow was sentenced to four months in prison for impeding the equity of Braniff Inc.

The restaurant business was an excellent way for Chodorow to build his net worth. He backed several successful restaurants, including the popular vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine. He also invested in Graze Chicago, as well as other restaurants in Boston and Los Angeles. Jeffrey Chodorow’s net worth has grown by investing in several of the world’s biggest cities.

Chodorow is married to Linda Chodorow and has two children, Max and Zach. His total net worth is estimated at about $5 million. Chodorow is currently 70 years old and will be 72 in 2022. In addition to his acting career, he has made a fortune through his restaurants, entrepreneurship, and his art.

During his time in prison, Chodorow was sentenced to four years of supervised release. He worked in a variety of real estate and investment businesses, opening several restaurants. In 2003, he was also involved in the reality show The Restaurant with Rocco DiSpirito. After DiSpirito filmed the episode, Chodorow sued him for damages and barred him from dining at his restaurants.

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