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Joe Schilling is a former Bellator kickboxer who is estimated to be worth $5 million. He is one of the highest paid MMA fighters and was born in Dayton, Ohio. The MMA fighter is one of the most decorated fighters in history. In 2007, he opened his own gym called The Yard Muay Thai in Los Angeles. At the time, his net worth was already very high, making him one of the richest MMA fighters.

In addition to being a professional MMA fighter, Joe Schilling also has a thriving kickboxing business. He has built a loyal fan base and is earning his net worth with increasing fame and success. He is married to Jenna Thompson, a lawyer from Palmdale, California, who helped him get his start in kickboxing. The two met at Big Time Boxing, where Joe met legendary boxer Freddie Roach, which helped to cement his interest in martial arts. The couple now live in Palmdale, California, where Joe is an instructor.

Joe Schilling has won 17 professional kickboxing fights and scored eleven knockouts. After joining Glory in 2013, he made his debut in a one-night middleweight tournament and defeated Kengo Shimizu and Artem Levin. Most recently, he participated in Glory: Last Man Standing.

After a series of injuries that put his life on hold, he turned to fighting. At the age of seventeen, he began competing in Muay Thai competitions. He subsequently opened his own gym and began training other fighters. In 2005, Joe won his first professional fight, a middleweight bout. He then went on to win the World Championship Tournament.

Joe Schilling’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, thanks to his MMA and mixed martial arts career. In addition to being a Bellator World Kickboxing Champion, he is also a proud owner of the Glory Middleweight Championship title. His popularity has spawned many fans and followers.

Despite his success, Joe has struggled with weight loss in recent years. In 2012, he was 22-11 and battling Muay Thai champions, a sport with very high physical demands. This pushed his net worth even higher. Ultimately, he was able to win the WKA Heavyweight Title against Thai fighter Cheddi Taunde, and that gave him a huge boost in his career.

A recent incident involving Joe has raised eyebrows. He knocked out Justin Balboa, a bar patron who was drunk at the time. The incident was captured on video, which Joe later deleted, but soon went viral on social media. Despite the controversy surrounding the incident, Joe hasn’t been charged criminally, although he may receive a misdemeanor charge for simple battery.

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