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The net worth of John Clayton is not known. But, he has been in the sports industry for a long time. His sportscaster career started back in 1995. Before he joined ESPN, he was a contributor to KJR (AM) in Braddock, Pennsylvania. At that time, his show was called “Four Downs” and featured a debate with fellow sportscaster Sean Salisbury.

Clayton died on March 18, 2022, from a brief illness. He was only 67 years old. His death came unexpectedly, and his body was cremated in a nearby cemetery. His career spanned nearly four decades, including time on ESPN and various radio shows. However, even before his death, Clayton was already a multi-millionaire. His net worth is estimated at $10 million. Clayton has been a sports journalist for more than forty years and earned a salary of $6.5 million a year.

The NFL has paid Clayton millions of dollars in the past decade. He earned about $4 million annually with the NFL but recently decided to join ESPN, where he earned an additional $2 million annually. Despite his high salary, Clayton tries to lead a simple life. His net worth is expected to rise to at least $30 million by 2022.

He graduated from Duquesne University in 1976. While at college, he worked for The Pittsburgh Press. In 1978, he covered a Steelers mini-camp. His investigative reporting uncovered a rule violation that cost the Steelers a draft pick. The scandal was dubbed “Shouldergate,” and Clayton lost his hometown favor for a while.

Clayton’s parents and siblings have never been publicly disclosed. His mother is a homemaker, while his father is Not known. His wife, Patricia, is also a temporary worker at the Renton election headquarters. He has one child together with Patricia, Gerald. These children will not likely be his net worth.

After college, Clayton began his sportscaster career on ESPN. He worked as a reporter for the network and eventually added a weekly radio show during the offseason. Clayton has also been involved with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, winning the Dick McCann Memorial Award in 2007. This award has helped him gain even more prominence in his field.

In addition to his sportscaster career, Clayton was a longtime contributor for ESPN. He served as a senior writer for the organization. Prior to joining ESPN, he contributed to the Pittsburgh Press and the News Tribune. After joining ESPN, he added a weekly radio show in the NFL offseason. In addition to his work for ESPN, Clayton continued to work for his hometown newspaper, KJR, hosting “Sports Saturday” on weekends.

Clayton’s sportscasts helped him build a strong reputation for himself and helped him reach national audience. In addition to his work on ESPN, he was a regular contributor to several sports-talk radio stations across the country. For example, he anchored the popular “Sports Saturday” programme on KJR (AM). In addition, he was also a regular contributor on 104.3 The Fan radio station in Denver. He also helped out in the development of the station’s website.

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