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If you’ve ever wondered what John Schnabel net worth is, you’re not alone. The reality star has an extremely large fortune. His net worth is in the seven-million-dollar range, making him one of the richest actors of our time. But you might be surprised to know that he died peacefully in his sleep last year, at the age of 96. While he was a successful reality star, he was also a competitive bridge player and won a number of national tournaments.

John Schnabel’s net worth rose considerably after he became a recurring guest star in the hit television show Gold Rush. He became a worldwide television star after his appearance in this show. The show aired on Discovery Channel for nine seasons and 212 episodes. It was a massive hit, and Schnabel’s net worth was up to $5 million USD at its peak.

John Schnabel was the mayor of Haines, Alaska and a shareholder of the Nugget mine. He was a father figure to many of the other characters in the Gold Rush series. While the exact salary John Schnabel earned in the show remains a mystery, his position as mayor and his position as boss of the Nugget mine helped him build a sizable fortune. The family business was passed down to his grandson, Parker Schnabel, who succeeded him as his business partner.

John Schnabel’s life story is an incredibly inspiring one. Born in Kansas, he worked as a paper boy at age twelve and became the family’s breadwinner. When his father went to Alaska to work in a sawmill, John followed suit. At age nineteen, he joined his father’s sawmill and started working on it. After the Pearl Harbor bombing, he joined the US Air Force. He then became a successful gold prospector.

The gold rush series Gold Rush has helped Parker Schnabel’s net worth. The show is an ongoing series that follows the lives of a group of gold miners in the Klondike. His net worth has risen significantly from his appearances on the show. The series pays him approximately $25,000 per episode.

John Schnabel’s grandson, Parker Schnabel, is also a gold prospector. He became a millionaire at age 23 when he started his own mining business. He also worked as a producer on ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ and ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’.

While Parker Schnabel is younger than the others in the crew, he has already built up a huge fortune. His net worth is estimated to reach $10 million by 2020. He got into the mining industry at a young age and has since invested most of his money in the business.

Todd Hoffman is another member of the Gold Rush cast, and earned about $7 million from the series. His net worth is expected to rise in the near future because of his new ventures. The former aviation owner grew inspired by his father’s mining adventures in the 80s. He gathered his friends and started a mining business in Alaska. He hoped to make his fortune by mining gold and living off the grid.

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