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When Jorge Valdes was ten years old, his family emigrated from Cuba to the United States. His mother had been living in Cuba until she gave birth to their first child, and the move was primarily prompted by the need to escape poverty. Despite the difficulties they faced, their life changed dramatically in the United States.

Today, Jorge Valdes has made a successful transition from being a drug lord to becoming a motivational speaker. His estimated net worth is $500 million, and it’s estimated to rise in the years ahead. His net worth has more than doubled since his arrest, and he now owns a 320-acre Florida ranch and several books.

Before his arrest, Jorge Valdes was an important member of the Medellin Drug Cartel. The cartel made him a huge amount of money-launderinglaundering dirty money. In some months, he made up to 50 million dollars. He even met Pablo Escobar. But his career did not stop there.

In 1979, Valdes was convicted of drug offenses and spent six years in federal prison. After his release, he decided to go legal. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in theology from Wheaton College. Since then, Valdes has become an accomplished author and motivational speaker, and has been featured on more than 300 radio shows.

Valdes’ career has also earned him a large net worth. He made $50 million per month while working for the Medellin Drug Cartel. His accounting skills have been invaluable to the cartel. His association with Pablo Escobar has been an interesting part of his life. While his net worth is significant, it’s difficult to determine how much he’s spent on the Medellin drug cartel.

Valdes’ net worth can only grow as he continues to build his career. His storied career and lucrative book deals have made him a multi-millionaire. As a former drug lord, Valdes has since turned to being a motivational speaker and author. Valdes earned a net worth that is higher than most of his peers.

Jorge Valdes met his second wife, Sujey Valdes, in 1997. The couple has three children together. They have two sons, Alexander and Juan Carlos. They also have a daughter named Krysten Welch. In September 2013, Valdes got a pilot’s license.

Valdes has been involved in numerous charities since his professional soccer career began. He supports organizations such as Futbol for Colombia, Unicef, and Pies Descalzos. He also spends time visiting children in hospitals. He also promotes healthy lifestyles and participates in charity events to raise money for different causes.

Despite his wealth, Valdes has been involved in illegal activities. Although he wanted to do business honestly, he was caught up in a drug cartel operation in 1979. Valdes spent six years in prison for this crime. After his release, Valdes turned his efforts to disaster recovery. He then established Maguilla Restorations, a disaster restoration business that became well-known in Mexico City.

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