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Josh Kesselman has a net worth of approximately $11 million. He is a businessman and the owner of many different brands. He is extremely busy and rarely posts about his personal life on social media. Instead, he focuses on his business and raising his brands to new heights. Despite his success, he has not revealed any information about his age, height, or other personal details.

Josh Kesselman is an American entrepreneur who founded the RAW rolling paper company in 1995. He was raised by a tobacco smoker and was always intrigued by the process. After graduating from college, he moved to Arizona to start the company. Initially, he bought a Spanish rolling paper company and renamed it RAW, a vegan rolling paper brand. Now, RAW has over two thousand employees working across the United States, Europe, and Canada.

The business that Josh Kesselman started is worth $10 million. His company RAW controls 30 percent of the rolling paper market in six states. It has over two million followers on Instagram. Moreover, Josh Kesselman is an active public figure, regularly participating in public events, and developing personal relationships with celebrities.

Josh Kesselman is the founder of Raw Vegan Rolling Papers. He is also committed to supporting missions that help children. He has also invested $1 million in a hemp fiber company that will launch its first service on August 12, 2020. In addition, Josh has also become a successful film director, cinematographer, and film producer.

Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated to be around $45 million. Kesselman was born in the United States and raised in an average family. He studied at a local college and worked in various jobs before starting his own company. He currently employs over 2000 people in Europe and Canada.

Josh Kesselman began his own business in 1993. It was originally a Spanish rolling paper company, but has grown to include offices in the United States, Canada, and Europe. His company now has over 2000 employees in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. In addition to his business, Josh has a real estate business.

Kesselman’s career has been based on following his passion. He was only five years old when he fell in love with rolling papers. His father used to smoke rolled cigarettes, and he would throw lit rice papers into the air. That’s when Kesselman became fascinated with rolling papers. His passion for rolling papers led to the creation of two brands: Elements and Juicy Jay’s. His company is now sold in every state in the U.S. Kesselman began his first business with a small investment in a head shop in New York City.

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