kevin de leon youtube net worth

Kevin de Leon has amassed a hefty net worth on YouTube, where he shares his videos and tips to the viewers. The California native is not married but has a daughter, Lluvia Carrasco. He is currently in a relationship with Magdalena Carrasco, a councilwoman in San Jose, California.

Kevin De Leon is a former California State Senate leader. He is a Democrat and the first Latino to lead the State Senate in over a century. His achievements in public office include delivering landmark gun safety legislation, creating a retirement security plan called CalSavers, and reallocating $2 billion to help low-income and homeless people. He also wrote Senate Bill 100, which committed California to becoming a 100 percent clean energy state by 2045.

In his latest video, Kevin de Leon joked about his Yeezy sneakers, and this made him extremely popular. Kevin de Leon earned between $3 million and $5 million from the sale of the sneakers, which was a huge cashout for a celebrity. In fact, this made Kevin de Leon’s cashout one of the largest of all time. While the Yeezy brand is an important part of his income, he also has a steady stream of other sources of income.

Kevin De Leon is also known for his controversial political comments. He once made a racist comment in a Council meeting, comparing the adopted Black son of Councilman Mike Bonin to a handbag. He also made a comment about gerrymandering and breaking up Black voting districts.

In the past two years, De Leon has consistently refused to resign, despite calls from colleagues at City Hall. He has also been forced to apologize in two television interviews. He repeatedly apologized for the role he played in the closed-door meeting last year. In addition, he described the problems that his district has encountered. Despite the many negative comments, the city councilman has reassigned him from his committee duties.

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