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If you’re looking to find out how much Kevin Wenstob is worth, then read on to discover some of his most important facts. Kevin is a successful entrepreneur who has built a thriving business empire. His businesses include KontrolFreek, the maker of a bike-mounted GPS, and The Marketing Zen Group. He’s also been involved in real estate, which has contributed to his net worth.


Wenstob has a massive logging empire and he earns a good chunk of his money from it. One log can sell for up to $10,000, but a perfect log with tons of usable wood can fetch $25,000 or more. Undoubtedly, the logging industry is a difficult profession, but Kevin Wenstob has found a way to make money while being in the woods. The average annual salary of a logger is approximately $56,000. On top of this, he also pays a lump sum to his crew to cover their salaries. But Kevin has made millions from other sources of income. And with his popularity, his net worth has been steadily increasing because the money Kevin makes from his sawmills and other deals is a very impressive amount. His logging empire also generates millions of dollars in endorsements.

Kevin Wenstob’s net worth is estimated at around $900,000. While his net price may be low, his business has been one of his biggest sources of wealth. His company, Webston Timber, employs a large-scale sawmill and makes about $5 million a year. He also gets huge wages for working in a hazardous occupation. The average Canadian small sawmill employee earns around $66,500 a year, and Kevin Wenstob’s wages come from his pocket venture.


The company he runs is one of the last independent sawmills in Canada. In addition to operating the mill, Kevin Wenstob has worked in various other businesses. He has operated his sawmill on Vancouver Island, and his brother Tim used to run a tugboat business. The two brothers have a total net worth of approximately $50 million. He is known as the Big Boss in his business

Controversial portrayal 

Wenstob’s television career has brought in some negative press and he’s become a hot topic of conversation. His portrayal of himself as an only child has been widely criticized, with some claiming he’s spoiled, unprofessional, and unsupervised. While some critics praise his success, other people are concerned about his personal life. Regardless of his net worth, he’s still a subject of conversation.


Kevin Wenstob has a family of his own. He is married to Sarah Fleming and they have two kids together: Jack and Erik. His wife, Sarah, has two children with him, who assist with the business. In addition, he has a right-hand man in Coleman Willner, who is only 23 years old and assists with log management.

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