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Khleo Thomas was born on 30 January 1989. She is an American Actor, singer, and rapper. At the age of 31, she has been involved in various career fields and relationships. Her height is 6 feet 1 inch and she weighs 75 kilograms. She has dark-shading hair and black eyes.

Khleo Thomas is an American actor who rose to fame as a child star. He is best known for his roles in movies like Holes (2003), Roll Bounce (2005), and The Fantastic Four (2005). Khloe was born in Alaska and grew up in Germany and the USA. He has three siblings, Khadeem, Khameel, and Khaleea Thomas. Though he has not disclosed his relationship status, he is still single and searching for a life partner.


Khleo has also established a successful lifestyle as an entrepreneur. She is a model for Nike and has a clothing line called Slick Living Apparel. This brand of sneakers has earned her millions of dollars in the past three years. And she’s just 22 years old. Therefore, it’s hard to tell how much she’s made in these ventures. Khleo’s net worth will certainly grow in the future.

Her income is derived from acting in movies and music production. Her earnings are impressive when compared to other famous rappers. She earns around $5 million per year from her business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that her earnings may fluctuate. 

As a child actress, Khleo Thomas has been featured in several television shows and films. Her first role was as Zero in the 2003 film Holes. She also played the role of Mike in Roll Bounce, and later starred in the 2007 film Remember the Daze. 

His most popular roles include Zero in “Holes” and Mixed Mike in the movie Roll Bounce. Thomas was active in the entertainment industry from 1999. However, his net worth may still fluctuate with his ongoing projects. 


In addition to acting, Khleo Thomas also makes music and has multiple sources of income. Though she’s rich in other fields, she likes to live a modest life and keep her private life. The actress has been featured in several movies, including Friday After Next (2002), Holes (2003), and Roll Bounce (2005). Moreover, she has a sister and three brothers. Despite her successful career, she has not revealed her relationship status.

Television appearances 

In addition to starring in movies and television shows, Thomas has a huge list of television appearances. She’s guest-starred on the hit series Family Law, which was hosted by Dwayne Douglas Johnson. She has also appeared on ER, City Guys, and The Wayne Brady Show. She has also been in several popular television shows, including The Teachers, Family Law, and Friday After Next.

Social media

In addition to acting, Khleo Thomas is a popular star on social media. She has accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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