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If you’re looking to find out about the net worth of Koe Wetzel, you’ve come to the right place. This Texas-born singer and guitarist have been earning upwards of $2 million since his breakthrough in October 2020. His popularity has grown ever since he posted a picture of himself kissing Bailey Fisher on Instagram. He has more than 3 million followers and posted the same picture three times in a row when he first joined the social networking site.

Early life

Koe Wetzel’s early life and musical career began with the discovery of music. He was six years old when he first performed live. As a teenager, his music began to gain popularity among his peers, and he soon became a household name among college students and young adults. He is white and American. His mother was a country singer who performed on stage at an early age. She later taught him how to play the guitar, and his passion for music continued to grow. He went on to study journalism and eventually became the best-selling sports columnist for The New York Times. His writing now has over three million monthly readers. Wetzel also has his clothing line. 

Before becoming a country singer, Wetzel had played football in high school and college. After dropping out of college, he started to pursue his musical career. In June 2012, he and his band, the Konvics, released his first EP, Love and Lies. Noise Complaint, their first full-length album, has already received over a hundred million streams.



Koe Wetzel’s career started when he was six years old. His mom was a touring country singer and his father was a construction worker. His music has been described as a mix of country and rock, blending elements of grunge with the country. It is also an eclectic blend of styles that has led to many of his fans calling him their new favourite singer.

His songs have become well-known among college students. His net worth is estimated to rise to nearly 2.0 million dollars by 2022. Although we are unsure of the precise figures, it is estimated that he will continue to work hard and reach new heights.

In addition, his first release was Noise Complaint, which became an instant hit in Texas. His second album, Harold Saul High, was well received by fans and earned him regional airplay. He has performed throughout the US and has several tours planned. As of May 2019, Koe Wetzel is making new albums. One of these is Noise Complaint, which debuted at number ten on the US Billboard chart.

While his music career has been steadily growing, it started just a few years ago. He released his debut EP Love and Lies in June 2012. After receiving critical acclaim, he quickly followed it with his debut full-length album, Out on Parole, and a new single titled Noise Complaint. These albums both received national airplay. With this success, he’s set to tour across the country in 2022. Koe Wetzel’s net worth is a reflection of the dedication he has shown to his craft.

Dedication and success

Despite his young age, Koe Wetzel has managed to earn a decent amount of money. His latest single, “Out on Parole,” has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify. In the same year, the Texas native had sold over 200,000 units of independently released music. His career has paved the way for many other artists. Moreover, he has two Instagram accounts, which he uses to promote his music. He has over 316k Instagram followers and around 120k followers on Facebook. He also has a large following on Twitter, which makes him extremely popular.

While promoting his sophomore album, Wetzel began performing as a headliner at many festivals across the Southwest. He released two studio albums, Harold Saul High and Sellout, both on major labels Columbia. His hits “Drunk Driving” and “Good Die Young” earned him a place on the charts. The singer also teamed up with fellow country/rock outlaw Austin Meade for 2021 single “Happier Alone.”

Personal life

Wetzel has not revealed his personal information, but he’s not married. He’s been in a relationship with Bailey Fisher for some time now. The two have yet to publicly share details of their relationship, but sources say the two began dating in 2013. However, she hasn’t yet revealed how much she earns from her music.


Although Koe Wetzel was born under the sign of Cancer, his family is important in shaping him into the artist he is today. His mom, Julie, played on the Opry circuit as a solo artist, and his grandpa introduced him to rock and country music. However, he is currently dating someone. If you’re looking for Koe Wetzel’s Biography, you’ve come to the right place! You can find more about him by searching Google or share his story by filling out the form below.

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